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Gig feedback and reviews

Thank you very much for info

I agree with you. Thanks Mr. @uk1000


At last… The only thing now is to remove that blind review. That’s awful.


Thank you @mjensen415 for providing help full information

Fiverr is becoming a fairer and fairer marketplace. I suggest adding an automatic positive system to reflect the real order quantity of a seller. I mean if there is no any dispute or manual rating between both parties, the system will leave a positive for both parties after maybe 14 days after the gig is marked as finished. Take myself as an example, I have been working here for 7 years and have finished more than 5,000 orders, but I gain only 2200+ positive reviews. A lot of buyers are not will to leave reviews, they are just too busy to remember it.

A good day to you MR. Jensen. I appreciate the effort to tweak and improve any part of the platform. However, this is ground that has been plowed already by other platforms. As an executive, it sounds surprising that you ‘trying’ procedures when you can already learn from other tried and true platforms. Why not attend CS Trade Shows, learn from best practices and apply what works well here? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Mr. Cyaxrex, I agree with you mostly. You articulated well the lose-lose position of many a buyer/seller relationship. But Fiverr needs to step and address both with a simple 2 step approach. 1. Proper “On-Boarding” for both the Seller and the Buyer. 2. Training. Let me elaborate for a moment.

!. On-Boarding. Right now, Fiverr gets a 1 star for providing no proper process so they constantly shoot themselves in the foot. The revolving door for Buyers is awful. Why? Lots of reasons but let’s just focus on one, get Buyer & Sellers On-Boarded with a series of videos on “Buyers: How to Order” and Sellers: “How to be a Millionaire”. Right now, Sellers spend much of their time teaching and training Buyers on how to become savvy and work through a massive & complex system. (I could enumerate further but I’ll stop here)

  1. Training. Fiverr has one of the worlds largest Sales team in the world. Yet, do they offer Sales Training? (Sales training is a billion dollar industry and Fiverr spends $0). The CEO has plans to bring Fiverr to IPO. Great! If the BOD (Board of Directors) wants to have strong revenue numbers then do what every leading salesforce does, train them how to sell. Mr Jensen began the thread with the basically addressing the Buyer & Seller relationship. Guess what Fiverr, you need constant, regular training for your massive salesforce. If CEO wants to have a billion dollar IPO, then I know how to double the IPO. Incent Sellers how to sell! The whole platform is all about Sales and yet zero is done for proper sales training. (Again, I could spend pages discussing this topic alone because it is critical to every business. No sales = No business. Sales is the gasoline of every business. How do you increase the octane level in your sales team, train them)

Mr. Cyaxrex, my friendly suggestion to all Sellers is simple; qualify! Qualify & Qualify. Try to determine first, if you want that Buyers’ business. Second, they place an Order and you see they are trouble, now what? (Time waster already but until Fiverr figures out their own self-imposed channel conflict on who they want to be when they grow up, it will continue). Take them by the hand and help them. Only when you see that you have a Bad Behavior buyer, would I suggest a Cancel. Due to the current algorithm, it hurts a seller less if you cancel than if you get a negative review.

Be smart Sellers. Work around the potholes, every business has them. Be a Boss so that Fiverr knocks on your door and asks you how are you doing what you’re doing. Bottomline is this, Sellers, you want have 90%++ of your business on this platform, then own it. Figure out works and what doesn’t. Know it better than your own business. Because if you don’t, you won’t succeed on the platform.

This is true, but only works if all the buyers also follow it. They don’t.

Thank you for giving us the ability to respond to reviews now. That was desperately needed.


yh i think the idea was really needed

While I agree that sales ability and training are usually a good idea, in this case they can’t or they become, according to U.S. tax laws, employers. It’s a bit of a grey area legally, but they can’t get involved in actually directing our activities.

Selling is also a skill that is native or inborn to a large extent so training really works for those who have good basic communication skills to begin with as well as people skills.


No it’s the opposite. At least that’s my opinion, others may differ with me on this.

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Buyers may decide not to review a product for whatever reason. Maybe they just don’t want to leave a public review and have everyone see everything they bought. They might decide not to leave a review if the what they received in the gig wasn’t good enough. Adding an automated review that automatically gives 5 stars to a seller or a high rating for every gig wouldn’t reflect the service the buyer actually got in a lot of cases, so the automated rating would lead to inaccurate ratings (though they could be more accurate than they are now since the level system gives pressure to leave 5 star ratings).

Maybe Fiverr could just show the number of orders a seller has completed if that would be beneficial to buyers. Maybe an average rating for the gig could be based on private ratings that was updated in a way where it wouldn’t be obvious to the seller who gave what private rating (eg. it could get updated every so often and wouldn’t immediately take every review into account).


Your update to my suggestion is excellent. :+1:

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Thank you so much for your important information

I think it’s a better idea, thanks

Sounds good … let’s see what will be happen :slight_smile:

In essence, their satisfaction is through communication before and during the order. That’s what is fair in buying and selling this and we do it. Greetings please:mengedipkan:

That happens more often than it should. I received a 3.5 stars review because the buyer accidentally left 1 star in one of the fields by mistake. They offered to correct their review right away, but there’s nothing I can do. I submitted a ticket so fiverr can assist them in doing that (and referred them to our messages, so they can see I didn’t offer anything in return), but the cryptic auto-response from fiverr was no help at all. And after that they just marked the ticket as resolved, even though it wasn’t. So now I’m stuck with that review :slight_smile:


This is really great news!

They need to bring back the ability to respond immediately. This is still being a big problem.


I got a couple of blind reviews even after the announcement. So, I’m guessing they haven’t rescinded this system yet? Is everyone still dealing with them?