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Gig feedback and reviews

The announcement stated that it will be rolling out over the next few weeks. It is not going to be a sudden change.


I came close to leaving a less that 5 star review today for a repeat buyer but at the last second decided not to and I’m so glad I did. I spent time worrying about what to do.


It’s still a bit meaningless of what feedback I leave to a buyer. So why pick a fight? Just give 5 stars and move on.


Ah, I see. Thank you!


They’ve added the ability for sellers to reply to buyers’ feedback, but that’s in addition to the current system - it’s not going back to how it was.

The initial review from the buyer, and then the seller, will still be blind. Only then will the seller be able to see the buyer’s feedback to leave a reply.

  • Buyer failing to provide accurate instructions (after being repeatedly contacted and explained what you need). Or failing to mention something major that would have changed your entire approach to the project.

  • Buyer with very poor communication skills, to the point we can’t understand each other at all.

  • Buyer trying to change the terms of the gig after the gig is purchased (“btw, I need this in 24 hours”, etc.)

  • Buyer oversharing about their personal life and using the comments of the order page as a chatroom after being told repeatedly you’d like to keep it strictly job-related.

In my view, though, all of that above would warrant 3*. Anything 1-2* worthy for me is downright abusive behavior (treats, insults, placing the order after being asked not to, out of spite) that deserves a report/cancellation treatment.

When we first got blind reviews system I was hoping the ability to rate buyers in any way was where this all was going and I’m happy it got confirmed. It’s not perfect but it’s something.

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Ohh. I think I got it wrong when I read the announcement. So the seller’s blind review gets posted on the buyer’s profile and the non-blind one is retained on the seller’s page, is it?



Think so. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, alright. Thank you for clearing that up for me! :slight_smile: @merciavideo


This is lots higher! Thanks. Do we be capable of see our critiques proper away if we pick out no longer to rate the buyer?

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So, I just had a weird thing happen: I got a notification that a buyer left a review.
I looked at the app and was surprised that I can see the 5* and the review text, then realized that it must be one of those blind reviews for an order delivered a while ago.

Checking on desktop confirmed, the delivery was Oct 12th.
Now, on desktop, I do not have the option to review the buyer (as it seems to be intended if you don’t “review back” before the 10 or 14 or however many days are up and the buyer review pops up either way) but on the app, I do have the option to review.

Just a bug, or did the app get some update that the desktop didn’t, or…?

And if the app got the phase 2 update, is this review that I can type in now the review that is supposed to appear on the buyer’s profile or my chance to reply to the buyer review (in case it would have been bad and needed explanation)?

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It happened to me once… I received an order, worked on it according to the details provided by the buyer, all good… I delivered… No modification request (I accept up to 2 modification requests)… Then the review: 1 star… why?: “The work was great, but we will not work with this seller anymore since it is intolerant upon some topics”… What? In the 1st place, In my gig description is clearly stated which topics I don’t work on (both in writing and translating); I cannot be forced to like what others like if I just don’t, that’s why I notify that in advance and yet that buyer ordered me, so it was supposed that he was ok with that! 2nd, The order delivered did not even had to do at all with what she was “complaining”, nor he said a thing during the course of the order but after completion! I mean, again…what??? So, I know that a review should not be for saying things about an order in specific, but I learned from this awful experience that there are people that… I’m not sure if they deserve to be called that way.

Having said that, of course, I told that person a lot of things in my review - polite, but firmly- (the blind review was not there at that moment) and, although it did not change anything and I got affected by that bad rating, I stated something for other possible buyers too, so they did not get me wrong. Well, c’est la vie

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Just the other day a buyer bought something off me that I don’t provide - without prior consultation. My gig says - very clearly - to contact me BEFORE placing certain types of orders. Rather than cancel (the current bigger of three evils) - I explained to him the reasons why he needed to contact me prior to ordering (which involve a glitch in a platform I post lots of ads for, that is beyond my control) - and to please read through gig descriptions. He said it was fine and to go ahead with the gig - he understood.

After all was said and done - although I did exactly as my gig says I will, on time, communication throughout - he gave me a 4.5 star review - 2 docked off of “service as described” and “would buy again or recommend”…

Highly annoying because he didn’t read my gig description. ordered a service I am reluctant to provide… THEN when it didn’t go as he planned, gave me a less than stellar review - based on things out of my control.

I should have had the option to cancel… without it being an issue… as he didn’t follow instructions. But when i have to weigh out my weakest analytic, and decisions based on that - it makes for a very uncomfortable and bitter transaction.

I would try it to see what happens with some generic meaningless review.

I hope you post what happens if you do try it! Thank you for posting this, sounds interesting.

Amazing update :slight_smile: I like it

Yeah it’s either a bug or the UI design is a bit lacking as wasting your time. Both clicking the stars or typing in a review and then clicking the stars leads to an error pop-up telling you something went wrong and to try again.

the best way before buyer review, we ask first buyer 100% satisfied with service.
so i’ll trust buyer can give best reviews. :slight_smile:
thanks for fiverr, and fiverr staff can give best solution for sellers.

Very exciting! Thank you for the updates!

Weird. I received a pop up notification that said “Buyer left feedback on their order”, nothing special. But when I checked the notification menu, it instead said that “The buyer left a 5 star review”. :thinking: A bug perhaps or reverted change? It wouldn’t be the first time the pop up notification shows a different message than the notification menu, so smells like a bug.

Especially if the pop up shows a message a buyer had left days ago, the notification menu instead says it was automatically completed.


Hi there, any update about the second phase? Everything still looks like phase 1 to me.

Also, another point of the Community Commitment manifesto, the block button. I’ve seen it a few times both on buyer profiles as well as on the profiles of people who messaged but hadn’t yet ordered, but it seems gone again for the latter. Is it supposed to be so volatile, or has it been rolled back for people who only messaged again?