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If so then it will really be appreciable. Hope it will be fast.


After the deliver the project buyer seems to leave fiverr forever. Can’t answer any message and not find online. They are not give any reviews at all in this types of situation what I can do?


Does this exist yet? It’s been a month.

I want to respond to a buyer’s feedback and see no link or button that allows me to do this on the order page.
Can someone please help?

Thank you!


Any news? One moth has passed (well… we can still count this as “few weeks”)
Today the new review system would be very usefull for me… I had qute unpleasant buyer and I gave him 5 stars like a fool. I feel lost and dumb now.

I’m curious is there any chance to be able to refer to near-past reviews right after the system changes…


I don’t know if this is against the rules or not. But now… I’m mentioning clearly in all my feedback for clients that “this is a blind feedback” due to Fiverr’s awful and illogical latest update. That’s the best I can do, to avoid looking like an idiot when I leave a 5 stars rating for a buyer who gives low ratings and asking questions in their reviews instead of contacting me first!!

I hope this shows everyone reading the reviews who’s fault this is. It doesn’t help anyone in any way or form. Can’t wait for Fiverr to fix this weird and unprofessional situation.

If Fiverr wishes to actually improve the system for everyone… they should allow sellers to see buyers reviews and give both sides at least 24 hours to respond to negative reviews - anything lower than 3 stars - by contacting the buyer to solve any issues or misunderstandings, then publish the review automatically whatever it is.

Everyone is against manipulating reviews. But that doesn’t mean Fiverr does that and manipulate reviews themselves. Because this is what’s happening now. Fiverr is manipulating the reviews system but obviously unsuccessfully ! The question here is … WHY ?! Why re-invent the wheel? All major websites and stores online have reviews system that is fair, logical and works automatically. They do their best to fight fake reviews and manipulation but no one - no one - is using this blind feedback thing because it’s the most stupid and unfair idea ever. Doesn’t help anyone at all. It makes the website looks unprofessional and gives both buyers and sellers worst experience imaginable. Sellers look stupid, Fiverr looks stupid, and buyers get more headache from sellers about their reviews. So who benefits from all that? Only one side. Sellers who corrupt competitor’s gigs by spamming them with negative reviews and doesn’t care about any of this, they leave fake negative feedback and disappear. This system only helps manipulators and spammers, no one else.

Personally I do my work with the best I can and only check reviews for guidance to improve the quality of my work. I never asked for a review ever because I think good work speaks for itself, if someone doesn’t leave a review there are many more who will. At the moment, I will just have to ignore buyers reviews completely or mention clearly that my review is a blind feedback.

Glad to hear that Fiverr is aware of the bad impact of this decision and planning to correct it. I hope it happens as soon as possible.

Thank you for listening to our opinions and providing this forum for us to share our thoughts and ideas. Appreciate it.

Best Regards,


I still can’t see a review before I respond… Blind review is still in full affect for me.
Always a gamble!


Please clear to me. Review process again will be like previous process? I mean seller can see buyer’s review before giving their own review about buyer.


No. From what I understood after reading the OP’s post, it will still be a blind review system: seller will not be able to see buyer’s review before giving their own review.


Then for what amazing thing you said wow


I never use the word “wow” in my post. Here’s what I said:

Do you see the word “wow” anywhere? I don’t. :man_shrugging:

If you read the OP’s post carefully, you would know why I was happy/excited for it. :slight_smile:


Sorry not wow. That was wohoo😃


When, when, when and when is this so-called “second phase” going to be in effect??? And WHEN are your Customer Support Team Members going to be let in on it? I have been in a long-winded and going-nowhere-fast back and forth with them about Fiverr’s HORRIBLE current review policy and NEVER ONCE did they speak of this phase. Instead they default to their stock answer: Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do to help.



It’s possible customer support does not have that information.


They don’t seem to have much of ANY useful information. Not sure what they actually do…


Are reviews visible on the buyer’s profile right now? I am not seeing my reviews (or any reviews) on any buyer profile… and I’ve checked quite a few. I suspect this has not been implemented yet. Is that the case?


Still can’t answer reviews…


This of course assumes the buyer actually communicates with you honestly. (spoiler, they don’t always).


Yay it’s working! Luckyly I can go back to the orders from the past (tried with ones completed 1 and 3 weeks ago) and write my clarification. Yes!!!


I tried one order from 2 months ago and it’s impossible. Apparently too long time has been passed.


Yes, I’ve just found on my dashboard that after I enter the buyer review I get a popup which allows me to comment on the buyers original feedback to me. Certainly better than it was.


Finally! This is awesome!

You still can’t see their initial review until after you leave feedback - BUT at least you’re given chance to “redeem” yourself, in the event of a surprise negative review, or one that’s less stellar than what you expected.

That’s great! :sunglasses: