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Gig feedback and reviews


I don’t understand. You can’t see their review until after you leave feedback but can respond to it?


You still have to leave a review to see their review - at which time you have the ability to respond to it.

I couldn’t see that above review until I responded - so that part is still a “grab bag” surprise… so to speak.


So you respond blindly, see the review and respond again, only this time after you see their review of you? :confused:


Yes and yes… You have the option to respond again - only after you review.

So the part we don’t like about not knowing what a review is before we give our initial feedback, is still there. :no_mouth:


Does the first response show on your gig page or just the second one?


Just the 2nd one… NOT the first one.


I see your buyer now has two months worth of reviews on his profile page. This seems to announce what buyers have purchased to the world, or at least what sellers they have used.

So buyers will learn not to leave reviews unless they don’t mind people knowing what they have purchased.

Fiverr needs to keep the seller’s ID’s private on the buyer’s page!


Yes this is true! Some people will stop leaving reviews once they realize there’s no privacy.


Is it just me - I can’t see sellers’ feedbacks on gig pages any more?


So if we choose not to leave a review for the buyer we still don’t get to see what they left for us? At what point will we finally get to see that? And then is it too late to leave them a response? I will just wait and see what happens. I’m happy we can respond to reviews. This is definitely a big improvement.


Now we can see buyer feedback on buyer profile .


It’s a little pity that the answers are visible only on gig’s page and NOT on the profile page.


If someone has a habit of leaving every seller a bad review it might not be shown. But still, it’s a huge improvement and one I’m very happy about.


Yep, reviews of buyers are out too!

Some good steps in the right direction.


Thank you for showing us that. I also like how the seller’s names are blacked out— oh YOU did that. Was hoping that was from fiverr…would make it private what buyer’s bought or from whom.

I must say I’m very grateful to any sellers who leave honestly brutal but sincere reviews of some buyers on their profiles. It’s a tremendous help.


I agree. A lot of sellers say to give a buyer 5 stars no matter what. I don’t think that’s right. If the buyer actually sucks, let others know. Sites like eBay are built on this trust and reputation network of sincere feedback.


Ebay hasn’t allowed anything but positive reviews for buyers for quite some time. :wink:


True. It’s basically either positive or report, isn’t it? On the other hand, most of those aren’t custom projects where lots of communication is required and it’s easy to scam people. Usually it’s either the buyer payed or they didn’t. The seller shipped the package or they didn’t. To me, there’s a much smaller gray area for most of it.


I’m not sure that giving buyers reviews really helps. Because those who get a few bad reviews can just create a new ID and go on until they’ve racked up more bad reviews.


Thanks for your important message