Gig feedback


Hi, I’m new to Fiverr.

I am wondering if you could kindly look at my gigs and let me know what you think or provide suggestions on how I can improve? Please note this is my first gig!! Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!



how to refer a friend for fiverr,


I like your gig video, but not your gig title. Since one gig is 1,500 words, why not say it?

I will type 1500 words in 3 Days or Less for $5

You can change 3 Days to 24-hours if you feel you can keep up, or 2 days, etc.

You should consider using tags like data entry. In fact, search type, typing, data entry, and see what comes up.

And don’t forget to check out your competition.

I will type upto 25 pages with in 24 hours, Typing Job for $5

Honesty, I don’t know how this person gets orders when he or she failed to separate “upto” So make sure you learn from what they’re doing right, not what they’re doing wrong. Just saying.


looks good and also good picture with video. in start give faster delivery free means 1 day delivery as i see it increase the leads.

Thanks and regards



Looks fine to me. One day delivery can attract sales when you’re new. Also, try to lower your response time a little. That should help get those first few sales.


I am new here but reading through the forums i have made some changes to my gig have a look