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Gig Finalized 4 days ago Client want revision?

Hi, I design a logo, can I ask, My client and I finished a Gig 4 days ago, suddenly he wants a change and the change he wants came from another source file jpeg manually getting an object, cutting and pasting the design on the one I’ve created for him which was already done, (cutting the object is not that simple). I understand that it is easy to edit the Logo I’ve created and I can do it for him even if it was done 4 days ago but this one was from another image transferring to the one I’ve edited and he said it was still part of the same gig after 4 days? really? What are your toughts?

Thanks and God Bless

If it’s a simple task just do it.

If not ask your client if they are willing to pay another 5$ for revision.

What ever you choose, try to make your client happy. Be positive, I’m sure it’ll pay off in the long run.

Hope you find a win-win solution!


Thanks picture duke, yes I’ve told my client that if it is that simple I can do it but the task was a bit complicated and needs time, also after I did the modification for free, he realize that my own design was much more better than what he ask to do so in end we spent hours on revising it for free but ending up using the logo I did 4 days ago.

Thanks for the feedback appreciate that :slight_smile: