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Gig for accepting tip, seriously?

Today i came across a gig which was purposefully made to accept tips.
I just wanted to know that are we allowed to create such gigs.

here is the gig link…you can refer to it and let me know if at all is it allowed or not


Mod Note: Gig link removed.

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No it isnt. You can only do a gig for work you perform and submit in the gig.

But this has almost 200 reviews? Weird. I’d report it. Maybe it’s one of the gigs that gets passed CS knowledge.

Sometimes in the forum we see a seller complain that they had hundreds of reviews and then their gig was removed for a breach of ToS.

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I am not sure but I think it was created back when there were no TIP option/feature in Fiverr.


They were somewhat popular before the Tip Feature was introduced mainly because there were some buyers who wanted to tip their seller but there wasn’t an option for it so sellers created tip gigs. Guess with all the changes taking place they forgot to remove it.


Yeah she is a old seller here. Might be a very old gig, which cs didnt care about

How is she top rated?!?!

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I dont know…she is here for 6 years…might be her work pays her off to that level

I do not agree with you on this. Where do you see fiverr mentioned this is not allowed.

In my opinion it’s not a good practice to report someones well performing gig.

The seller is a Top Rated seller on fiverr. I believe she knows fiverr rules better than other new seller.

She is taking tips from her existing client.

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You can’t enable a single gig to only pre-existing buyers.

The ToS expressly state that gigs are user generated content by the seller and there it explains what constitutes UGC.

Also, “Sellers warrant that any content included in their Gigs shall be original work conceived by the Sellers”

A tip isn’t UGC or original work.

Don’t assume someone knows everything because they are a TRS. Plenty of TRS have stolen work, claimed others’ work as their own, had Gigs up that breach ToS and just weren’t caught. It doesn’t by default mean they’re following the rules. It means they got away with it.

Under which category/sub category does this gig fall into?

Some sellers created them before the tip feature was introduced.

Some buyers still like those gigs, because it happens that they can’t tip the seller for great work when they complete the order (they might not have enough funds at that time), and the tip gig allows them to do it later.

They have existed for a very long time, and I’ve never heard of anyone having any problems because of a tip gig. However, if you want to be sure, it might be a good idea to ask Customer Support about it.


I wouldn’t report it. As far as I know, Fiverr are okay with it. Multiple TRS (as well as sellers from other levels) have tip gigs and when someone becomes a TRS their gigs will get checked again. Gigs are checked by Fiverrr every time they’re created. It’s never been mentioned by Fiverr as far as I know that tip gigs are not allowed.


I took my Tip gig down the second the tip feature was introduced.

I don’t think anyone should have a tip gig anymore.


some really good sellers have them, and i’ve tipped before now using them. it is a little odd seeing them in this day in age with the tipping system in place, but you, know, i like this system better if i’m honest, sellers can choose to have it or not and it’s not shoved in you’re face. fiverr practically begs for a tip on the sellers behalf every time making me far less likely to tip at all

i wouldn’t report it. do you really want to be the grumpy old man who ruins everyone else’s fun? technically correct isn’t always the best kind of correct

besides, read her entire description. technically, she’s selling “cute thankyou pictures” for 5 bambis

How can you say that? . We can report anyone who is offering the service against ToS. I daily report gigs which is think are not allowed and Fiverr deletes them. I don’t care either the gig is well performed or have high level. We have to contribute to this community this is how it will be clean from people who are not using it for true purpose. Also that is moral duty to report someone who is misrepresenting the service.

Someone with an “accept a tip” gig isn’t misrepresenting their service. That’s what they’ll do - accept your tip for a job they’ve previously done.

The fact that Fiverr created a function to do roughly what these gigs are for also means Fiverr are probably okay with it. Though in the tip function, there are limits to the amount that can be tipped - I’m not sure tip gigs are limited the same way, though I assume most tip gigs will be for a lower amount than can be tipped with the tip function.

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I don’t mean to say She is misrepresenting the service. I just said to report someone who is misrepresenting.

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I don’t see anything inherently wrong with this gig. She does offer a delivery of a “thank you” picture, so that is sort of in line with the TOS. And even now, with the tip system in place, I can come up with a few hypothetical cases when buyers would want to purchase that gig.

I wouldn’t report it.


@alyonagrapie… Logical, that makes sense!

I remember many of tip gigs that were nice like that, or fun. Some are sending “thank you” pictures, some say they’ll buy themselves a coffee (small, medium, large, depending on the tip), some that they will buy their cat a treat…

There’s definitely no reason to report it, there’s nothing misleading or dishonest about that gig.