Gig for the price offered


I have yet to find a person on who delivers what is stated in their gigs. I want something simple fixed in PHP and everyone who say they are able want to either charge over 5 times of their gigs or has not the required skills.


Well then, let me be the first to say… you have now found someone who delivers exactly what he promises. Hi. My name is Jon. I am a seller who keeps my promises.

And yes, there are thousands of other sellers just like me who do the same. :wink:


So who is deciding that it is simple? Is it you?
If so, why not do it yourself? Surely that would be easier than the hassle you seem to have had.
If it is someone else, ask them to do it.

If someone’s gig says “I will fix your PHP problem” or something similar, do you really think it is reasonable to expect that to be for absolutely anything?

I see a lot of gigs like that which offer to fix one or two simple issues for $5ish.
Is it possible that your issue is not as simple as you think?


Yes it is me saying it is easy. I am a developer just not in PHP. If I had the tools I would do it myself. And at this rate I will probably have to do so. I am expecting to pay just that the 10-15 people I have contacted seems to have the experience or expertise to do so as per their gigs advertised.


Great. So can someone recommend someone for PHP?


You sound like me when I had a plumbing issue recently.
If only I had all the tools a plumber has, I would do it myself and save myself the €120 they charge for an hour’s work.

As for people who don’t give an explanation, could it be that you are putting them off with what you say?
I know when someone tells me they have a “simple translation job” it is an immediate red flag because “simple” is generally code for “I am not willing to pay as much as you are likely to ask for.


Which tools exactly would you need to do that yourself?


Despite the noise, you’re receiving from certain users. :roll_eyes:

I would recommend posting a detailed BR here :small_red_triangle_down: with the applicable details of the project.


Thanks. I have already done so. Let’s see how that goes.


You’re welcome, maybe this time around it will be different.

Have a GREAT weekend!