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Gig for tips? Is that allowed?

I came across a seller’s profile and found that he/she has a gig dedicated for tips. I’m confused. Is that even allowed? Isn’t that against Fiverr’s TOS?

I saw that the gig actually has revisions and so people actually purchased from there to leave tips. Also this seller has high ratings and has been on this platform for quite a while.

Edit: I have no plan in creating a gig for tips, but I was very surprised when I saw that and even more surprised that the seller has never been reported (if that isn’t allowed).


I am not sure about that.May be not allow may be allow.

You could read TOS to find out. :wink:

Then come back and let the rest of us know the answer.

It was allowed 3 years ago and I had a tip gig. It was for when a buyer wanted to tip you but the order was closed so they would come back later to give you a tip.

However, since the buyer now has 10 days to review an order, which is 7 days beyond when it autocompletes, maybe they also can add a tip in that time too, so Fiverr has made tip gigs a no-no. :thinking:


Thank you for the advice, but I went there and didn’t find anything specific about the tip gig, maybe I searched in the wrong places. Also wrote here so I could hear someone else’s point of view or experience, so yeah. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for explaining that to me. I didn’t know about that and have never heard of it before.

You have it here on the forum if you search GIGs for tips.

Thanks, I knew that and done that. But when you type tip for gigs and tip gigs in the search bar, all the topics refer to tips (advices) for their gigs.

Yes, I see it. The actual relevant topics come later in search result.

The first relevant is How do tip gigs work?

In the topics from 2017.

Oh ya thanks! That’s why I didn’t notice it then, I was checking for topics between 2019-2021. Thanks!

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I think fiver count this gig as like as content writer.@mjaninea