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Gig frauding?

So I’m looking through a lot of marketing gigs and notice extremely high positive reviews on many. Some even have 20,000 + reviews and 0 - reviews… Obviously they issue refunds or contact support or do whatever possible to remove them. And nothing wrong with that. However, I noticed that many of the written reviews, across multiple high lvl gigs, all came from the same people! They were also the same message, like if they were copy/pasted. Also, a lot of the SEO and backlink gigs cannot be verified by many users who aren’t internet savvy enough to check. The “spam your message to 10m FB and Twitter followers” gigs also don’t usually offer any way to verify it beyond a shadow of a doubt or they’re so filled with spam that the message sinks in a few minutes!

If there was real value to be gained from such gigs in the first place, they wouldn’t be charging $5 per pop and instead would be using it themselves to spam affiliate links or advertise their own site. It’s like brokers who try to sell strategies to traders. “Use this strategy and you will double your monthly earnings - only $200 for the tips!”. Well, If you’re so successful, Mr. broker, then why charge a huge upfront fee for your “strategy” and not just keep doubling your monthly income? Oh wait, that IS how he doubles it!

Anyway, I’ve always been skeptical, but after seeing spam accounts writing reviews I am really put off by it all. I also see spam gig accounts using gigsterr bot software. I know Fiverr will never do anything about this since they get a commission off every sale, fake or otherwise. I really wanted an honest promotion of my personal website, but can’t seem to find an honest one in the bunch who would do it well.

Oh, and someone I know started the same review gig service as me, actually a few days after me, but got 10x more buyers. He actually had over 7 on the first day alone and 60 by day 10. I asked him how and he is using some gigsterr bot to scrape pages and mass contacts buyers in the niche. Is that really allowed?