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Gig from first to last page, Search Algorithm Problem - HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!

This is a long topic and thread. There are a lot of things you could disagree for. If you notice something which is not correct, tag me and tell me what needs to be corrected.

I recently noticed this “bug”: Top sellers from the first page get thrown to the last page and then forgotten forever. If you came here to learn why and how I fixed it, you’ve come to the right place. However, this may take a lot of effort from your side, so, get ready! :rocket:

Before I show you the steps to fix your gig’s position in the search, I wanna explain how the search algorithm works and why so many people are confused about it.

Why am I getting demoted?

Fiverr decided to insert a new tactic, which confused a lot of sellers, and they don’t know what to do. Fiverr want’s to give chance to new sellers, that’s why there is always circulation on the first page in the search. A random amount of new sellers are getting promoted on the first page, so they have a little bit of chance to grow into successful sellers.

Fiverr decided to demote old gigs that were not edited for a long time. For example, you may have a thousand of reviews, however, you haven’t updated your gig from a year, Fiverr randomly decides that your gig is old, and boring, and throws it back to the last page, where it will be forgotten if you don’t do anything about it. This is probably a new clean-up strategy to remove old gigs from the first pages.

No matter if your gig is active, with a lot of orders in queue, whether you have any rank or not, you lose it in minutes. Then you have to regain everything again the way you started, however this time it must be easier because you have reviews.

This didn’t seem to occur before, so I think there is a change that has been made in the algorithm.

How do I get on the first page again?

First, make sure you are searching for your gig right. If you search you gig with “animation”, it may not be on first place, however, if you search it with “loading animation”, it may be in the first place! If you tried every possible search and you couldn’t find your gig, then you may continue reading this thread.

SUMMARY, if you don't have time to read this topic:

If you have tried everything, editing your gig, tags, images, video… and nothing worked, the best thing for you, if you are one of those sellers with a lot of orders getting demoted is buyer requests. If you have more time to read, continue reading, and find out yourself…

I contacted support about this issue and they answered exactly what I expected:

Regularly refresh your Gigs with new photos and descriptions

Before I tell you what I did, let me show you the results of it:

This is my gig:

These are my tags:


And this is my spot in the search when I search for “Loading GIF and GIF loading animation”:

Tags are the main reason I’m there. I purposely thought of every input possible and set my tags to the most common inputs I thought I buyer would type.

My 5 tags, which are Loading, Animation, Gif, Animated, Logo, can form a lot of searches. For example, my 5 tags can form those phrases: GIF, Loading GIF, Animated logo GIF, Animated GIF, Loading Animation, Logo animation GIF.

The search algorithm is NOT based on SEO, and any SEO will not affect your gig’s rank. At least, that’s what I think. If I’m wrong, here is how to improve SEO. If you use tags that people will never type in the search bar, you aren’t gonna get in front.

Click me for SEO stuff:

Make sure your tags are what people will search in the search bar. Then:

  1. Use tags all separated, no two words in one tag. Try to use synonyms instead of 2-worded tags. This is what I use:

  2. Use your tags in your title:

  3. Use more of your tags in your description, without making them way too many (I tried my best to add as many tags as possible without making it too much):

Once you edit a gig, it may disappear from the search for about 24 hours, but you have a chance to get it in front of other gigs once it appears again. If your gig becomes viral (receives a lot of orders), NEVER edit your gig, as it may go back in the search results page.

The most important step: BE ACTIVE!

Once you update your gig, as CS recommended, I really doubt that it will immediately go in front of others. I think the only solution is more activity from us, the sellers. If you got demoted, I recommend you to actively start using buyer requests.

One more thing which may help is nice test results. Take the tests you can, so you get more attention.

ATTENTION! None of this guarantees you coming back from hell to heaven. You should be really active in order to do so. You should be doing everything you possibly could think of to correct your gigs, including correcting your gig’s spelling, grammar, using buyer requests, sharing your gig somewhere, where the audience might be interested, and so on.

@nikavoice, @misscrystal, @sarikaverma007, @bodmas, @sameed_webdev, @fittranslate, @toner2d, @oyinstudio, @cyaxrex, @eoinfinnegan, and all others which I didn’t mention, Thank you all of sharing info with me! I think it would have been impossible without you. Thanks for the votes in the poll too! I learned from your experiences to create this giant conclusion. Here are the results from the poll:


I already know there are a lot of mistakes, this is such a big post that I can’t make sure everything is correct. I will appreciate if you tell me if you spot something! Please, give a like for my hard work, I wanna see your support! :heart:


I already done everything you explained but still no improvement after 24 hr of changes so its based on luck :slight_smile:


How regularly are we supposed to refresh our gigs with new photos and descriptions?

And what if we simply rotate through a couple of main photos every now and then?


Once you get thrown back in the search. If you are in a good spot, don’t edit your gig, because the opposite may happen.


I’ve seen a few gigs in my section with the same old photos for years sitting on the top row. They aren’t even great photos.

I had such a struggle the last time I tried to edit my gig description I almost couldn’t get it to post at all. It took me hours of trying before I could even get it to post.

I have a fantastic gig no one sees because it sits on page 5. I put in a great new photo and it never changed position.

But anyway I suppose if you are thrown to the back it can’t hurt to try something new.


interesting ,thank you


Your info is very interesting including the part where CS shared with you that bit of information.

I hope you let us know how long you stay on the top row. I’m experiencing shifts from the top to gradually moving down the rows after about 3 weeks.

Even moving down to the middle or bottom of page one can turn off sales. But it’s worth trying your method.


You’re so selfless…thanks for sharing!


I suppose it makes sense. You’re expected to keep your product fresh and relevant.

And to prove this point, I edit my gig every 3-4 months (minor description edits and adjustments of the delivery time mostly) and after I do, I can see a sharp (around 40%) increase in clicks/impressions. It would happen 100% of the time when I checked, I just couldn’t find a proper context to bring this up considering all the “IF YOU EDIT YOUR GIG, IT’LL DIE!!!” attitude that seems to be prevalent.


Because gigs can disappear for a week after editing.


It depends on what you edit. If you edit prices or something in the description it’s ok, I never had issues. But then again, to each his own.


Thanks for the tips. I’ve just edited mine


What would happen if you edit your gig every week or two?

Can we pinpoint the frequency that doesn’t tip the balance to the negative side?


I don’t doubt that it’s the experience for some. Mine disappeared once, I went to CS in 24 hours and they told me I shouldn’t have waited this long and should’ve contacted them immediately. The rest of the time it seems to stay in place. But then again, I don’t see my gigs in the search results half of the time while I’m still getting orders from new people so go figure.

I fully accepted all of this is magic and unicorns at this point.


I think you get orders by not seeing your gigs in the search because you don’t search the right way. Figure out what buyers type to find you.


Why do I only get questions that have zero to do with my gigs? Asking for things I don’t do and never have done? How are they even contacting me if they don’t see my gigs?


Kinda same. I think they copy-paste. However this time, it wasn’t the same for me.


They went as far as:


I think because I said earlier:



Hi, Thanks for sharing this. I had done what you said yesterday only. But the thing is it ranked for 18 hours or so and then it again went back to last page. @insects44


I recall recently Jim posted that he created a new gig image and description and was promptly moved to the back. I’ve heard that several times on the forum. I remember because he was quite upset about it.

I checked to be sure and couldn’t find his gig. Hopefully he sees this and reports in about it.