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Gig from first to last page, Search Algorithm Problem - HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!

You shouldn’t have voted. You had 6 orders in the last 3 days. This poll it for people who don’t have orders because their gig is in the last spot.

6 orders … no I had more than 6 orders however 6 is almost 0 compared to 100 also all of them were from past customers so the part with ‘’ you shouldn’t have voted ’ doesn’t apply

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@insects44 The largest number of fiverr users is from those areas, two countries in particular. They are vastly represented not only as sellers but on this forum.

I voted just to see the results thinking I could unvote but found I couldn’t.

I know a seller from this forum from one of those countries. He was on the last page and has been put on the first page recently.

You can’t make sweeping declarations from things based on nothing but a few people on the forum. There are probably no more than 4 people in total who post on the forum now who are from America for example. Should I conclude people from America are being systemically banned from the forum?


Ok, you meant that most of the Fiverr sellers are from Asia? I already got my conclusion from the poll. I wanted to see if it affects mostly Asians, however, when I realized that most Fiverr sellers are Asian, it made sense.

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I found this info:


From my researches, here how is the new gig starts getting orders:

According to importance - Gig title 50%, gig thumbnail 20%, gig description 15%, your profile 10%, others 5%

1. Gig title: using only one relevant keyword on title that has under 1k gigs on the search results.

2. Gig thumbnail: using minimalist design with eye catching colours.

3. Gig description: create a description with the structure - Why > how > what.

4. Your profile: the most important thing here is your “headline.”

5. Others: like tags aren’t important, there are many gigs with random tags and they have many orders in queue.

Note: If orders stopped and the competition becomes hard with more than 1k gigs then search for new relevant keyword and start a new gig.

Pro tip: never change your gig title, gigs with the same title and URL rank better.


The fact that the OP seems to jump to conclusions very quickly from little bits of info makes it quite difficult to take statements seriously here.
To take the vote of 6 people and apply it to a massive marketplace is bizarre. That along with the fact that different people and cultures have different approaches and expectations of Fiverr. Some expect everything handed to them, some people have a greater tendency to complain and moan dramatically and publicly, some don’t waste their time on pointless theories and focus on building their own success.


Exactly this, I keep getting shuffled in search every other week (literally) and the only advice I have is that if you keep delivering consistently high quality with decent reviews you’re bound to bounce back.

None of the info in this thread is accurate and it annoys me more than it should. The only advice I have is that you should only edit your gig if it’s absolutely necessary unless you want to be removed from search for potentially up to 2 weeks.


Your point is well accepted and every experienced seller knows this. But the issue is CS is telling everyone who is generating a ticket for Gig rank to edit their Gigs. That is the source of this thread.

@ssj1236, @eoinfinnegan, All you see in this topic is theories, nothing else. I don’t have conclusions. I would love to have some, and if I find the correct theory, I would share it with everyone, I would delete my topic’s content and replace it with the solution.

Only one guy told me that my topic worked for him.

I wanted to confirm, that it’s not people from the same continent, who get demoted. 6 were enough because it proves that there are some people from other continents. Some are enough for me.

After experiencing the same situation in 2019 (I was on the last page from January until April), I keep talking with many sellers, who face or faced similar issue. In 99% of cases, the reason is in poor performance (Late deliveries, several cancelations, poor private feedback and other related things).
Two sellers confirmed that they were sent to the end of the list after canceling 3 orders at once.

During those 3 months, I created new descriptions and images, and tried many other things, but it got back to normal only when I had 100%/100%/98% stats (two late orders).

It was confirmed by many sellers here, and there’s no magic way to get back to the front.
This is my personal opinion, but if all your gigs are on the last page, the key to this issue is to fix your performance. I also think that permanent editing of the gig will just make it worse.


And some procrastinate building their own success by wasting their time on pointless theories.

Not that I’d ever do that :wink: but I have a theory as well:

There are weeks when the algorithm doesn’t only not send any new customers my way but also no former or regular customers order.
There are weeks when so many former or regular customers order that I wouldn’t mind no new customers messaging, but messages from new customers pour in too.
Whenever, after a week of not getting many or any new customers I decide that now is the time to focus on some or other project, the messages start pouring in again.
There’s also a clue involving headaches but I don’t want to go into that.
My conclusion: the algorithm is a prankster.

In all seriousness though, what seems to help orders coming along more than anything I ever actively did to my gigs, is to start focusing on something else, i. e. time passes and the rotation rotates me again probably … and, of course, keep up high performance with the orders that do come in from former or regular buyers; for people who don’t have many of those, I imagine it’s more difficult, because they might have even longer periods of not delivering gigs;
the forum also has the theory that delivering often, delivering fast counts a lot, and that might well have some merit - and that’s difficult, of course, when you are in “rotation valley”, no new buyers come in, and you also don’t have orders from former/regular buyers that you could deliver during that time.


It’s odd that I’m flooded with orders from both old and new clients some weeks and then it dies out all at once, both old and new, as Miiila mentioned. And when it floods orders those are large ones.

There must be some sort of promotion done on my gigs at times as nothing else makes sense. Possibly my gigs are ones that are posted on the gigs of my competition at times.


This great information. I also doubt that my issue is due to some poor private feedback. But do you think one poor private feedback can lead to complete destruction of rankings?

After that I have received few orders from repeat customers, all left positive reviews but then to there is no improvement in the ranking.

My important stats are well above than the required.

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Totally agree!

I don’t think that one feedback can be the reason, but a combination of things (like one late order + a couple of refunds and so on).
I restored green indicators in the middle of March last year, and was in the green zone until the middle of April when everything got back to normal.
Even now, when I just cancel an order because one of the buyers is blind, I can see clear decline in the number of orders for about two weeks.


Your famous water faucet theory doesn’t seem too far-fetched on my end, yes.
I also think they might be doing some sort of promotion/show certain gigs to certain buyers from time to time, as I’ve had else weird coincidences of several new buyers from a specific country message within a short time - although, like with all other theories, there could be other reasons that we’re not aware of, like perhaps your buyer from country A happened to recommend your gig to a couple friends from country A.

I received nearly 10+ orders and in which 2 are from new buyers and all left 5* ratings but no improvement in my gigs all are on last or second last page even in a niche only 40 gigs are Available but mine was last one in that otherwise my gig was on top

You always rank on the first page after that?

I’m scared to change anything on my gigs. A couple of bad experiences when I did that has me convinced not to.

I ran into a bug… it wouldn’t let me repost my gig for hours.

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I don’t really check it that often, but mostly yes.
Two important things:

  1. As I mentioned above, every time I cancel an order, I can see a decline in the number of messages and orders for two weeks.
  2. Right now we are discussing the same issue with one of the sellers. I can see his gig on the first page, while he can’t find it anywhere.
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