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Gig from first to last page, Search Algorithm Problem - HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!

You still haven’t given me an explanation of how you think Fiverr mixes gigs up each time and why.

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Some gigs in the first 5 rows have some carefully done seo work using the keywords several times in the description. Other’s don’t have that.

I’ve seen some gigs in the top rows on page one with the keywords mentioned about five times and others without the keywords mentioned at all.

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Irony is, CS says, there might be sellers performing better than you so they’re placed above you in search. Meanwhile, all I can see is most gigs have 0 reviews or reviews that were posted years ago.

We sellers, with hundreds of reviews and a great track record, can’t even find our gigs by searching with title let alone the keywords.

Fiverr CS won’t accept their faulty algorithm

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Ok, If you search a keyword in the search result you may find the best selling gig on the last page. And non professional and new gig on the first page. This is a very common issue. Fiverr give space to new seller. This is why they mix the gig. It’s easy for new seller to get order on fiverr.

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Why do you think Fiverr does that?

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@misscrystal @insects44 @frank_d This issue is not new i found some 2019 post they are also blaming regarding that issue and i have find some answers in these post and going to try them you here is the post Gigs moved from first page to last page
My all 6 gigs showing on last page i am level 2 seller
All gigs are suddenly at last page
Why does my Gigs are showing Fiverr in the last page When I search with specific keywords?

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I am on this platform since 2013, I can also find posts dating further back than your examples.


This issue is from back then, however, back then people didn’t get demoted for no reason, if I remember correctly.

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Demoted? As in levels?

Or position in search results?

What was the reason for “demotion” back then according to you?

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They are trying to discover more qualified freelancer. This is why fiverr give space to new seller. The marketplace is expanding and fiverr don’t want to be limited in a few best seller.


Yes they demoted without reason or may bi based on conversion rate they got demoted

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To make it harder for buyers to find what they want to buy?

Or at least for buyers like me looking for the most qualified and time tested sellers.

Not all searches are like that however. Some have more experienced sellers mixed in.

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What’s the risk/reward ratio behind that game-plan?

If a seller of my caliber has the capacity (and skills) to net fiverr a few hundred dollars a day, how risky is it to move me to the bottom just so they can discover whether a new user with 0 sales can do the same?

Risky as in: they will stop getting the money I surely could make them.

So… to make it harder for Fiverr to make money?


yeap even in just month fiverr earn nearly 1k$ from as just commission why he want to loose his earning from potential sellers

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Frank that’s exactly how I feel too. I have higher prices than most sellers in my category and people are happy to pay them. Not all of course, but enough.

I’m wondering if fiverr values quantity even if the sales are lower priced.

There have been a few times I have been flooded with sales and many of them are the highest possible prices for my gigs. Fiverr knows what kind of sales I’m capable of.

So it makes me wonder when I see sellers who only charge $10 or even $30 with few reviews on the top.

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I honestly can’t understand what you just wrote.

We are overlooking something for sure.

Like for instance: there is no way Fiverr hasn’t programmed its algo to also consider dependencies.

So if you and me rake in all the sales, but we catch a cold and are unable to work for a week, what happens then?

Also, what happened in the past with TRS sellers was that they felt like they were untouchable, and we have some examples of sellers who started being arrogant and mistreated buyers.


I’ve only gone out of office for two times in the hospital for less than four days, and once for a week during a hurricane. In over 7 years. Nor do I mistreat customers. So hopefully I don’t get lumped into those categories of sellers who aren’t reliable. I even have two internet services in case one goes down.

I do see a few sellers who stay on the top rows in my category and I can’t tell why.

My clients are very happy as well.

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All I was saying was that Fiverr’s algorithm may take into account several things when it rotates results.

As for the “top row” comment, I think that may just be what Fiverr shows you personally.

Given your category, status and terms of your query.

P.S. I too have 2 separate internet connections!

An optical fiber one and a VSDL one for backup.

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I know when I’m on the top I earn quite a bit more than if I’m not. It’s a huge difference.

My two internet providers are the only two in this area. And like you, they are two different delivery methods.

Very much needfully information.
Thank you.
Could you please suggest that

  1. Within how many days should edit the gigs ?
  2. How much number of gigs can be edit at same day.
  3. Which parts of gig should edit? Example: Title, description, tags, price.