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Gig from first to last page

Hello there
There was a thread active a few weeks ago. Here is the link:

I faced the exact same issue. I tried to do the changes. I changed the search tags. Updated the description. But I didn’t change the Gig pictures. After a week probably, I just did a normal search and found my gig exactly at the same place as it used to be a month ago(on the first page in the very first line).
I was happy. I got a bunch of messages on that day. Received a very good budget order.
Right after 24 hours, my gig again disappeared. Its been 3 days now. I just checked it and its again behind all those dead gigs. At the very last page at the very last line :pensive:
I dont know what should I try next. Very disappointed and its been a month now.
P.S. I have 3 active orders at the moment and they are from previous clients.


Maybe try to change the gig pictures, one person told me that it worked for him. But try to make them better if you can. I don’t know about the video, if changing it will do anything.

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Thank you. I will try to change the pictures now.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me😔 I have worked on title, description and tags.

Did you change the pictures?

No.Just title, description and tags.

Is your gig back? Please tell me tips.

I didn’t change the Gig pictures and video. I didn’t apply for a single buyer request. I just changed the description. One of my previous clients came with a lot of projects. I completed a few projects with him until my gig came back to normal position after 3 months.

What I observed is that it happened all due to the orders of my previous client.

Thank you so much for your tips.

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