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Gig gallery help needed please

I’m a pretty new member of this site and the gig I am working on at the moment is for ‘voice over’ work, promoting products, audio introductions for new products, websites, narrative work, pretty much most kinds of ‘voice over’ work that is needed. I have used it successfully in other areas that I work in, using audio and at times video for mystery customer jobs I have done and also for giving audio accounts about different web sites, how easy they are to navigate, answering questions and giving narrative from a script by the client. So, my problem? I have uploaded audio samples of audio work and examples of my speaking voice but I am truly stuck on producing a gig video. Voice over work is usually all done via audio and I have never before had to produce a ‘video’ showing my ‘skills’, as they are mostly spoken. Any ideas from members that do this type of job would be appreciated, I don’t want to fail at the last hurdle but really am at a loss at what kind of video is required. Thank you to anyone that reads this and thank you in advance for any help or response. Diane

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If you don’t need a video, don’t make a video. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use the opportunity to use the video upload option: Still images and slideshow style videos are perfectly fine in an audio-centered category. Change up what images show, but there’s no need for the actual ‘video’ part.

If you still feel you need an actual video recording, look at other gigs in your category and see what they do. (I suspect that a number just film themselves making audio recordings.)

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