Gig Gallery Help


I’ve been trying to post pictures of my work to the gallery when you create a gig but it keeps saying that the picture is the wrong size or that it needs to be a minimum of 682x459 but it won’t let me upload the picture even if it is bigger than that. I don’t know what to do about this and I can’t create a gig without uploading a picture for it.


If the photo is larger than 682x459 but won’t upload, the file size might be too big. The image file must be 2MB or less, so you will need to resize it if it is larger than that. You can do this with most image editing programs. For example, you can open the photo with MS Paint and resize it by 50% or however much you need to get under 2MB while still keeping the image larger than 682x459. Hope this helps!


Apparently the file has to be exactly 682x459 which really messes up the proportions of some of my work when I upload them. :expressionless:


I’ve checked all the file sizes and they are well under 2mb and the format of the files is also correct. I haven’t been able to do anything bigger or smaller than 682x459 but I have been able to upload files that are exactly that size.


That’s odd; I’ve been able to upload photos that are not exactly 682x459 as long as they are large enough to be able to be cropped to that size. In your photos that are larger than 682x459, is the width over 682 AND the height over 459? In one of my gigs, I submitted square photos for the gig description and fiverr cropped the top and bottom to fit.

If you would like to crop them to exactly 682x459 first, do you have a program like Photoshop that allows you to choose the cropping size? You shouldn’t have to mess up the proportions if you crop instead of stretching the image to fit that size.


Reply to @dolphinplush: do you need help reducing the size of the image? Drop me a note.