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Gig gallery on buyers delivery

Hey guys,
So I just delivered an order and they liked it. They accepted the gig delivery veiw thing i.e. my gig shows the delivery.
Now the project was pretty simple and easy but I don’t want it on my profile gig.
Is there any way I can not have it on profile.
Not that it was bad or anything ,even the feedback was 5 star but my other pics are more complex and I don’t want to show that.
Help me out here guys!


Anyone any theories or options?

There’s no way you can eliminate them. The reason why they show up on your profile is somewhat confusing to me, I still don’t understand how they do it, there are times when they show up and others when they don’t. But when they show up on your Gig you can’t do anything, I understand what you’re saying about not wanting them to show up on your profile because it’s so simple, I offer a service similar to yours and I’ve had jobs that are really simple or even horrible hahaha :joy: what matters is that they like it!

But the important thing is that people see that you are capable of doing more, that customer asked you for something that was easy for you, but he was happy and that’s what matters, every customer will come to ask you for more complex drawings or even so easy as to do it with your eyes closed! What matters is that you leave them happy and that the reviews speak for you. Just because you do simple things for clients doesn’t mean you are unskilled! Don’t be embarrassed to show what you do, get lucky, and keep on succeeding on this path…

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That’s awesome to hear, I’m not the only one😂

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