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Gig gets banned as soon as i add video


As soon as i add video to my new review gig…within half an hour fiverr asks me to delete it…and the same gig with same description and all works fine but without video…And i know no one will ever find my gig and i am not going to get orders…


Check with CS about why the video was banned. Sometimes it’s because of things like “Rights violations” or something you can fix.

dhanraj1994 said: review gig
I have noticed a few review gigs are not allowed now due to third party TOC violations. You should have a message on your email from the Fiverr moderators explaining why your gig or gig video was denied.




today my review gig is also rejected…Its not because of video… Fiverr says i violate 3rd party toc


Reply to @anarchofighter: Customer service usually never tells you since they are not the video moderators. At least they could not answer my questions when I asked about the video being rejected. They should though.


Did you use certain company names in your description, title, or video? If so, revise your gig, and don’t include any names. Don’t even say “I’ll review your app”. Fiverr is getting really strict when it comes to third-party TOS. Refrain from using company names, but if you do get an order, the buyer mentions a company’s name, you’ll receive an account warning. So be careful.


review gigs are no longer supported by fiverr. It violates the third party terms of service. My 3 gigs having 100+ thumbs up denied a few days ago.


I think they should only reject/delete gigs that clearly violates third-party terms of service. There’s nothing wrong with writing product/service reviews, as long as its not posted on such sites. That’s just how I feel.