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Gig going down the page gradually

Hey guys,

Who else is experiencing their gigs going down gradually even when everything seems to be going fine? I am very worried.


Same here Jenny.

I have 3 gigs on First page. After some days, I noticed am not getting messages like I used to. So I checked my rank, and can’t find my gigs anymore.

You can’t believe I saw those 3 gigs on PAGE 5. I’m so worried and thinking of contacting Fiverr. I need orders seriously.

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Don’t bother contacting them, it makes no difference. I am just wondering what is wrong.

It’s alright. I am sure it will be back again.

I think they keep changing their algorithm at a regular basis, which keeps moving gigs place and rank.
Because I see changes in my gigs listing, views etc even when I don’t do anything different.
So I am assuming it’s their algo which keep changing.

But if you are really concerned, then might be worth talking to an expert


Do you think the algorithm would be back to its norm?

That is the norm, the algorithm is working we just don’t know what makes it do so.


I agree with you, the norm is an every changing algo.
Not sure what it does, other than the fact that it keeps changing.
Sometimes those changes work for you, sometimes against.

But being consistent and professional always helps.


A change in rank doesn’t mean a change in algorithm. You have no idea if the algorithm was programmed to do this. None. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. I’m saying you don’t have reason to think it does.

It’s dangerous to perpetuate this myth, which inherently misunderstands how algorithms work. An algorithm is a program of actions set to be performed under certain conditions, NOT a static placement of your gig in a ranking. You don’t know what those conditions are. None of us does and nothing you are expressing is at all evidence that the algorithm has been changed at all, let alone daily. It can easily be explained by a condition set in the algorithm.


This is speculation but I am guessing it is due to recent reviews. It could be other factors, but your gigs generally do good so if you get a couple of bad reviews the algorithm may recognise these numbers as a reduction in quality (not that it actually is) and reduce your ranking accordingly.

There is a whole other thread on this issue.


I was thinking of the recent reviews actually & also the canceled orders I had. But now, what do you think would be the solution to this?

Even if I had canceled orders, that shouldn’t make it go down from Page 1 to Page 5. I’ve never experienced this. Now my gigs are just there! I’m not getting messages anymore and orders as well. What I need is the solution to this. What do you think?

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This is a different issue :slight_smile:

You simply need to go back into grind mode, so similar to how hard to work to get your initial jobs. Go to buyer requests and make offers, get the ball rolling again, make sure that a customer doesn’t leave without having a great experience and a fantastic product. After a few good jobs am sure you’ll rise up the ranks again.

It is the same issue if you go down about halfway. There the discussion takes a turn and what is interesting is that different sellers see another person’s gig placement in a different spot and that placement can change from hour to hour. So, it appears that part of the Fiverr algorithm is to change gig placement in search continuously.

Or, were you not talking about gig search placement, but sales?

I just checked your profile and it appears your sales appear to be coming back. Good for your!


Vickie is cool !!! :slight_smile:

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This has been happening to me in my personal case for about a year, I lost my TRS status about 5 months ago, and since then my statistics are over 100% and still they do not return my badge, maybe it is something in which to fend It works, maybe not, we really do not know, the truth is that the business is very slow and do not return to the view or the same number of orders we had before.

Did you lose your TRS because of your gig going down in the search or because your sales went down?

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i lose the status becuse the i fail on the evaluation, but at the same moment i noticed the messages and the selling going slow

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Have you read this. It may help you.