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Gig Going To First Page

Hello, can a gig arrive at the first page listing just after a week it was created? Is anyone a living proof?

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Hello, I have multiple gigs on the first page. 1 arrived there after less than a week, other one after 3 days.

Wow. Congratulations, nice to hear. But I checked and saw none of your gig on first page in the SEO category

Type SEO keyword research or Fiver SEO. Also type Cloudflare (second page). Total 3 gigs. Also, when I’m online they have even better positions because buyers are looking for online sellers.

No one is there’s sir, please check again

Here you go:

First page no matter offline or online:

Another Gig, Dropped to the second page, First page when I’m Online:

Third GIG, still the second page, First page when I’m Online.

By saying "First page when Online - I mean this filter item checked and I believe that Buyers use it often so this is advantage for me:

I only see 12 gigs when online is used so wouldn’t all 12 be on the first page?

Yes :smile: thats the point, if competition is low and your online: if the buyer check that filter “Online Sellers” - you are always visible. This is the magic of staying online.

That’s excellent as long as someone is looking for those keywords. It is possible to use keywords that are never searched for.

This is sellers responsibility to pick the right keywords.

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Would the right keywords be more competitive keywords? It’s possible to be on the first page of a search term no one is looking for.

Not always but sometimes yes.

One of my gigs is on first page and it’s have decent traffic - 8 orders in a few days + low competition, only 2 pages for that term.