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Gig Gone in Search Result After Out of Office Mode


Okay. So, I was out of office for a month and just got back the other week but then I was out of office again, this time for 2 days, because I got overbooked; I need enough time to finish the latest large orders. 2 Days went by and the system automatically unpaused my gig (which I understand they activate it on their end) because my out of office dates ended. However, after that, my one and only gig suddenly disappeared in the search results; it’s nowhere to be found. I already relayed this concern to Customer Support and they said they forwarded my case to their technical department and that I should just wait then for the issue to be resolved. Have you experienced this? How was it resolved? Thanks everyone!

A Few FAQs on the Out of Office Mode Feature:

Once Out of Office mode is activated, will my Gig disappear from search?
Yes, your Gig will temporarily disappear from the search, once the Out of Office mode deactivated it will reappear.

Does Out of Office affect my gigs ranking?
Depends, as longer the duration you are not active, as higher the chances to go down with your ranking.


What were you selling on those gigs that are missing?


I currently have one gig, which is about transcription.


I see that one that is still up. You said others were removed. What did you sell on those?


You see the transcription gig n search result?


the others are article writing and marketing, which I will activate now


I see your gigs on your profile, but not in search. How many hours ago did you become active again after using out of office mode?


I think it’s been 2 days


Give it another day. Sometimes your gigs just don’t get indexed fast if you’ve been away longer than a week.


Woah! We share the same concern though I am only a Level 2 Seller. If not for my existing, loyal clients in Fiverr, I wouldn’t have any order to work on. I really hope they can resolve this soon as I am very much prepared to work again.


This has been resolved already. Thanks everyone and to the active customer support team.


Great. Could you please share what was the issue and how did you resolve it?