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Gig got denied/deleted for no reason

Hello guys! I’m doing grime artworks on Fiverr and added a gig offering my service.
I drew the grime art gig image whole night before posting the gig and everything was mine, no question about it. Today when I woke up I had a notification that my gig was deleted and here is the reason:

Your Gig requires modification - Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam

I wrote to the Support about it and their answer was:

"It appears that your Gig was removed for violating a third party’s Terms of Service. Any Gig that doesn’t adhere to the Terms of Service of a third party is in actuality, violating our Terms of Service as well. ***

Before creating a Gig that involves a third party service, we ask that you please read their Terms of Service and make sure your Gig is in compliance with those terms before publishing the Gig on Fiverr."

Having read quite thoroughly the ToS I’m almost 100% sure that I did not break anything and I’m waiting for specifics from the Support Team as well, but in the meantime I decided to see what you guys think and what’s your opinion on my situation.

Thanks for taking your time to read this


I haven’t a clue what the issue was. It’s not our judgement that matters especially when we can’t see what the art was.


Well, it was just a drawing of myself.

Hi @worthforcheap

Did you draw it yourself? If so, contact CS one again and attaching your source file.

Of course I did. Yeah, I’ll wait for their answer and do that right after!


Wow. I cannot believe this. This is the answer I got from the Support team:

"I understand how upsetting must be when your gig gets denied. Unfortunately I am unable to share any further information regarding this due to terms and conditions mentioned in our Terms of Service.

Unfortunately this gig is not eligible to be restored.

***Have a great day!***"

I am sure that I indeed did not break any rules from the ToS and I can prove that my work was original by providing the source file. I know that Fiverr are in the wrong on this one. What can I do. Any advices?


ooopppsss!! i thought there will be something that is similar to other or anything that is not allowed on fiverr, may be you used any social media links or phone number or anything related to third party, check that, and ask customer support if you are 100% sure

No, I haven’t. I’m aware of the ToS and that’s why I’m annoyed with the situation.

I basically provided a drawing (grime art) service. Here are the details on my gig:
The gig image was my original work which was nothing but a plain drawing of my face which I created the same night I uploaded the gig.
Gigs name was - I will draw you the best slime drip melting face grime art
And the gig’s description was:

" Thanks for visiting my gig.
How does the process usually go?

Step 1: Place an order
Step 2: Send me a photo of you
Step 3: Receive your amazing realistic grime art in 24 hours

If you have any questions, feel free to message me! "

Well same issue happened with me 3 days ago.i had created mascot design of me and my son for his 10th birthday.i used that image in portfolio and my gig disappeared, i contacted CS and they told me to submit source files and i did and my gig is live again. so i advice you to do the same.


That is so weird!
I think you should try to ask to escalate this matter.

It’s a bit ridiculous that they are telling you not to break TOS but not telling you which exact rule you broke.


Can you please share your artwork and source files here ? I think the message you received was automated!

Yes, of course. Should I add them here?

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If you want you can share it here so everyone else can have a look that you did nothing wrong and just keep messaging cs until they resolve your issue just be polite it can take some time! Because if you are correct, then you are correct! That’s it!

Don’t share your source files here :wink: just an image will be enough

You don’t need other people presenting your work as theirs with your source files


Here it is

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How about if you remove the Pierre Cardin logo from the hoodie?


Maybe you also uploaded the image to some other site before Fiverr had checked whether that image already exists on the web, so when Fiverr checked they found it already exists and thought you might have copied it? Maybe they don’t like gigs with face melting but that would have been a different message I think.

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Helen_f, the image I uploaded as my gig image had the “Pierre Cardin” logo cropped out. You can see it if you zoom! :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, with zooming in it was a bit hard to spot. Here is the original gig image

Uk1000, nah, there are a lot of other gigs providing the same service, so the face melting shouldn’t be a problem.

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Guys, update on the issue. I literally cannot believe how Fiverr’s Team is handling this. I feel like Fiverr made a mistake and they’re too proud to admit it. After thoroughly explaining the situation to them I asked them to reinstate the gig and in case that they cannot do that, I asked them what rule did I break, so that I can avoid it when I recreate my gig being almost sure that I did not break any (you can see from my upper posts my gig image, gig name and gig description).
This the answer I got today after waiting 30 hours:

" Hi,
Unfortunately, after another review the gig will not be restored.
Kind regards.

In my opinion the way they handle this is highly unprofessional, which is something I never expected as the Support’s Team has always been really helpful. What if a competitor reported my gig and they took it down without giving it a second thought? And now after I asked them on what I did wrong, they are keeping me in the dark and are dancing around the problem. Can you imagine the same situation with a successful gig? They shouldn’t deal with things in that manner.

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