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Gig Got Deranked

I am a new seller on Fiverr and I’m providing Email Extraction service on Fiverr. When I made my gig it was ranked on 1st page. But lately, it got deranked without any reason, and now it’s on 3rd page. I didn’t change anything and I don’t know why it got deranked. The keyword I used for SEO was Email Extraction. I was waiting that maybe it again gets ranked automatically on 1st page but still, it’s on 3rd page. Need Suggestions.


Its a auto process. Don’t need to worry much about that. It will rank again in few days or week. Best of Luck


That is how many people are here for years, decades offering the same services as you. You are here not even a month.

Fiverr gave you a chance to get clients by putting you on the first page. Now you have to work to get orders.

Fiverr is not an advertisement site where you leave your ad and wait for someone to see it. You need to be proactive.

And keep in mind 4957 people also need money.

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many weeks already passed :frowning:

But my keyword is Email extraction not data mining/ scraping

663 sellers

Among new sellers there are 111 people and you are the only one with the sale. So you won over 110 people.


Got your point. Thanks