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Gig got removed


Here it goes guys!

So, I’ve been designing a lot of vehicle wraps lately and business is booming. However, a client wanted to keep the work private and I explained him that there’s a tick box to uncheck when accepting the files. Then, he forgot to do that, or he was using the mobile version and my guess is there’s no tick option there.

Afterwards, I told the client to contact the CS to remove the portfolio image. A day later, my complete gig was denied/removed because of violating TOS and spam or something reasons. I have contacted Fiverr and it was sent to the editorial team to recheck it. (hopefully I get it back).

I may be wrong, but the problem is here that when I ask for a feedback removal which is completely irrelevant to the experience the buyer had with me, it gets denied even after multiple explanations; and when a buyer wants a portfolio image removed from the gig (he loved the design and he told me that he didn’t report anything else or get his review removed, just the portfolio picture), Fiverr CS automatically, without even looking at the order or whatever, denies/removes it. The gig was selling really good and did not break any rules what so ever.

It’s getting hot in here, maybe I’ll turn off the stove.


You could always turn on the air-conditioning as well.

In regards to your gig being removed, what reasons did Fiverr provide to you. It is my understanding that they will tell you why a gig was removed. And they don’t remove gigs unless those gigs break the TOS. So… what do you think you did to break TOS? And what was this reference/reason you made to “spam or something”?

There is always a reason. I bet you have a stronger idea what that reason might be.


Air conditioning? I’m glad it’s hot inside because we have snow here, lol.

As for the reasons:

  1. Suspicion of fraud or spam - This Gig raises suspicions of being a fraudulent service, spam or potentially violating Fiverr or a third party TOS.

  2. Copyright Infringement - Your Gig has been flagged by our team due to a third party copyright violation. Please ensure that you sell services you either own or have a valid copyright license to use. As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings as this is misleading to our buyers.

I don’t really understand what who might’ve reported it besides the said client, or what Fiverr has seen to violate the TOS. I do my own designs and deliver them to the client. Simple as that. I’ve also talked with a CS and she forwarded it to the editorial team. I offered her explanations and even asked if she wanted any screenshots of the conversations.


It’s possible someone other than your client reported you for some reason. It could just be a coincidence that it happened around the same time to the same gig.

I don’t know what a vehicle wrap is but does it involve illustrations/pictures/videos of any kind? If so, did you perhaps have something that was similar to someone else’s work?

There was a guy here that got his gig removed for copyright infringement. He was accused of copying his own work. He had a portfolio on another website and someone at support thought he was using someone else’s work. He had to prove he owned the website.

It could be a case of mistaken identity. Find out what happened and explain to Support.


Wraps are a really cool way to advertise!

Just sit tight and wait to hear back from CS.


That’s pretty darn cool looking.

Kudos to the seller for having something so unique and innovative to sell on 5r!


I hope it all works out for you, armejndi


Yeah, I hope it will. Thanks for your messages everybody. And yes, wraps are a really cool way of advertising. Dunno if I have them somewhere else, and maybe Fiverr should have an NDA option so that it doesn’t go in my portfolio and the client won’t have to tick anything?


Your gigs are awesome, btw! Favorited :heart: a few!

Add it to the Fiverr site suggestions. Of course, no guarantees but ya never know.


Thank you! You should’ve seen the one that got denied/removed. Holyyyy!

As for the NDA, I’ll think about it and post it over on the weekend. :slight_smile:


What did you mean by this part of your post? It is against ToS to try to get a review removed in most cases. Could that have anything to do with it? I know that doesn’t seem to match the copyright violation thing, but it could match the other reason. Usually, you get worse than a gig denial over that, you get a written warning, but it’s a thought.

The only other thing I can think of is if you used elements in any of your designs (not necessarily for that buyer) that may have been open to use but could be found on the internet somewhere. For example, if I make an original gig image but I take a bit of free clip art to add a mustache to a face, there is a slim chance that could be caught in a reverse search and seem like a potential copyright violation. If another seller saw something and reported you, that might have caused some trouble.

Have you heard back from CS?


I’m so sorry to hear that. The editorial team comes off as rather trigger happy when it comes to denying gigs and are often unlikely to have vetted through the entire gig description, or carefully examined the circumstances surrounding a case such as yours.

Once they see a red-flag term like ‘feedback removal’, they immediately strike even though you’re technically not asking for the actual feedback to be removed, just the image of the delivered design (at the request of your buyer who wanted to keep it private).

I’m very interested to know if Fiverr reinstates your gig!

From my experience dealing with CS, they’ve told me that once a gig is denied/removed it can NEVER be reinstated, even though it turned out in the end the editorial team didn’t read the gig description properly. The decision is still final. Seems like an ego thing to me :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

so my advice would be to not waste any more time arguing with CS, or insisting they tell you the exact reason the gig was removed - in my case it was all futile in the end. If you feel your gig did not violate any TOS, I would just go ahead and create a new gig for the same service as before.


No, I meant when a client gives you a bad review that has nothing to do with my work or the experience working with me, and I request a feedback removal to the CS providing proof and anything, and then they get back to me saying they can’t with their usual automatic message.

Elements used, they were my designs and I doubt that a seller reported me. I am guessing its the report from the buyer that caused this. Sometimes, being a good guy doesn’t work that well I guess.

It’s been a while and I haven’t heard from them back yet.


I am currently reopening the gig as I write here and I hope I get the old one back. I had more than 150 reviews and it was selling great.

Sorry to hear you have had the same experience as me. Hopefully, it will get fixed. If not, I guess disabling the whole live portfolio would work better.


Turns out they won’t turn my gig back and they gave no answers. They just told me again for the TOS. But they won’t give me any other explanation as to where is the copyright infridgement, fraud and spam; so that I won’t do it in the future.

So, I’ve opened another one and a previous client ordered and also a new one. I removed the live portfolio preview option completely and hoping that I don’t get flagged again for no reason.


They removed the new one as well. Ain’t that something! So, everytime someone asks for a specific gig a request, they go through the review phase. Suprisingly, the first one got to 150 reviews before anyone requested anything from CS. This one however, wasn’t showing on the search results, messaged them yesterday, fixed it. Now, they removed it. Copyright infridgement (my own designs) and third party violation. I AM LOSING IT!


Sorry to hear that. I have a suggestion. Use your website to market your service and use Fiverr as a place to take orders for those services. For that you can create a generic gig that doesn’t have much graphics that could violate copyright. Thanks


Next time tell your client that the chances of someone he knows seeing his vehicle wrap are very remote.

I would create that gig again, or ask Fiverr to restore it. It’s obvious you’re not breaking TOS. Then again, I haven’t read the e-mail your client sent Fiverr.

I wonder if refunding the order removes the portfolio image? I know refunds don’t remove bad reviews anymore.

Personally, this is why it’s better to avoid CS and deal with your client first. You could have refunded the order, then send a custom offer, and deliver the order.

For example, some generous clients don’t want 100% refunds, so they will accept a custom offer so you can get paid. Is this legal? I’m not sure. I assume that since the client is asking for it, it must be legal.

Besides, not every service on Fiverr involves delivery of a document. If you pay me to advertise on my blog, the only thing I’m delivering is a web link.


Hm. That’s weird. Could the 3rd party copyright infringement have to do not with your design itself but either the software you use, templates of car brands you have to use (assuming here), or the whole ‘car-wraping concept’ which perhaps is new enough to be somehow copyright-protected?

I googled car-wraps as I know someone who might be interested in one and saw that lots of places are offering it, so it can’t be that new but those are the only things I can think of.

Did you try asking CS already what exactly the copyright issue is, like, could you please tell me what copyright issue exactly there is as I can’t see any, not the name of the 3rd party (to keep them from replying with the “we can’t disclose” etc.)?


I guess the whole mess was because I got the wraps from a third party clients and sold them with the design on as clients wouldn’t mind me getting for them. Now the new gig REQUIRES them to get it for me. I also asked the Fiverr CS beforehand if this is good and they gave me the green light.

Hoping to no further problems.