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'Gig Grabbers' OR 'Client Acquirers'

From a Buyer’s perspective |

In the ‘real’ business world, individuals can work (and spend) for months or longer, to acquire a client.

As a supplier/vendor, they anticipate a LONG-TERM relationship with the company/buyer. The Seller

needs to EARN the right to become a vendor. Often the company will set a series of ‘tests’ to check a

prospective Seller’s performance.

On the other hand, there seems to be number of ‘Gig Grabbers’ at Fiverr. Fiverr has provided an opportunity to

Sellers to get into business with little or no investment. So it’s grab a gig and bang it out.

Many Sellers have varying levels of skills (even reading skills). By their behaviors, it becomes apparent they have little BUSINESS skills (sometimes not even common courtesy).

Some Sellers convey an attitude that it should be considered a ‘privilege’ to purchase from them - that somehow

Buyers ‘owe’ them. Bad idea - frequently a short term one. Ron

It’s hard to really respond to this without a frame of reference. This belongs in the “Rants” category.

You’re not doing business with Fiverr, but with individual freelancers who need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Repeat the previous sentence until it sinks in.

Fiverr should add a rating asking how much you liked the provider…

I think a mutual respect from both sides is necessary. People like to work with people they like and that are respectful. I think Fiverr is a great platform to try new people. There is no where else where you can run your first test to try out a new provider for $5.00. And many times it happens in less than 24 hours. Gosh, I know you have probably been stuck with a new higher in a 90 days trial period before?

Like you suggest, providers that don’t focus on long term repeat customers are missing a huge amount a sustainable sales. I have repeat customers that have ordered over 400 gigs. The orders really become very efficient, because we have learned to work very well together.

I think some providers charge so much less than it costs them, that they have stripped the customer service away. I read a gig description this week that said, “please don’t ask questions, I am too busy doing work to answer questions.” So he wonders why his sales have dropped. If they only realized that customers would pay more if they added the customer service back.

This post makes me think that the buyer’s perspective is that someone who only charges $5 for their service is at the low end of the totem pole and should not value their work or perceive themselves to be worth more than the $5 that they are charging. In the real world, sellers know the value that they are providing is worth more than $5. This is not a business. It really is a “gig” for most people who are sellers. How much time do you think a seller should fairly spend on you when all they are charging is $4 (real payout)? Don’t expect a full-fledged customer service/call center type experience; because you didn’t pay for that. If you expect someone to go head over hills for you for $4, then it sounds like you are the one conveying “attitude that it should be considered a ‘privilege’ to” buy from you.

This is just my 2 cents_ take it or leave it. I am a seller and a buyer_ mostly a buyer because there is too much competition here on fiverr then it was years ago. I buy gigs that save me time. But I don’t expect stellar service for $5.

Reply to @david388: Agreed and moved.

Reply to @jamesbulls: I agree…also, the comment above about “Some Sellers convey an attitude that it should be considered a ‘privilege’ to purchase from them”…well, yes, each seller is in their own business to be in busienss (at whatever skill level they think they are) but they are supposed to be confident, they are supposed to try and impress you and get you to believe that buying from them is the best think you can do for yourself.