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GIG Guide... Please

Can any one Please guide me about my GIG issues, As I am new here and I want to know If I have made GIG correct and need your kind and dear suggestions please

Please help me so that I can make necessary changes, With your experienced views, I would be able to get some clients

Please guide



Hi there,

I think gig description need to be reduced. I think as content writer that means more you can write less and say more. So it’s very important to write short but very helpful description.

And I have another suggestion for you to be more specific about category of articles that you have more experience. E.g. I will offer tech articles or something similar so you can create more gigs for specific things because only as content writer I think it could be a little bit harder for you to get first orders.

That’s what I think that not means the right thing is like I think :smiley:

I hope you will start getting orders asap!!

Best wishes!

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Hi devcode

Thanks so much

can you now please have a look and let me know changes if needed more?


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Yeah! It looks better but also I suggest you to use gig pricing packages to offer for different criteria.


Yes Thanks a lot Dev…

I dint make packages yet as I am just curious if anyone at basic one would come that’s why

Thanks so much for guidance again :slight_smile:

Hi How are you

Sorry bothering again

please have a look at new GIG and suggest please



Looks better now :smiley: