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Gig has been moved to last pages

Hi my gig which was well-positioned for the last 2 years but suddenly it moved to the last pages even I have 70+ orders in the queue, I used to have 100+ orders it is going down day by day, All of my gig parameters are close to 100% and low cancellation rate, trying to understand the problem, I talked to CS they said my gig is fine, not sure where I am wrong, working day and night to make things stable, Please help and guide anybody


Gigs have doubled in some areas and tripled in others. So, Fiverr seems to alternating who is on the earlier pages in the search and who is last. Gigs being moved to the last page has been a common complaint for quite sometime on the Fiverr Forum. Even TRS have experienced it.


Hi @vickiespencer I was checking under my category, it was used to be in 2nd line of the first page but from 2 months it is not stable I am just rolling a ball with old clients try to keep the sales

Wait for sometime, it will again get their position.

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As I said, many sellers are experiencing this. It takes a bit of time, but your turn to be on the front page will come around again. It took one of my friends a month.


Okay thank you @vickiespencer @zunairramzan

This also happened with my gig. It was on the 1st page last 3 years and suddenly 3 weeks ago it dropped to the last page. Unfortunatelly you can’t do anything with it. I contacted CS but they just answered with their template messages. Now I’m working only with repeat clients (and I forgot that I also had 2 new inadequate clients).


I hope things get fixed soon