Gig has gotten 134 views...but no orders!


My gig has gotten 134 views but still no orders! Is there a reason why? Check it out:
You can also critic if my service is priced correctly for the quality. Thanks in advance


Hundreds of other sellers offer this same type of service. What are you doing to stand out from your competition and be worthy of earning an order – instead of your competition?


Hi jonbaas,
I have same problem. Can you explain how to stand out in competition?
You can explain from epiphanyanimati gig related.


Marketing is a skill. I’m not going to give you a step-by-step manual. If you wish to learn how to market, capture customers on your own, and stand out from your competition, you can find plenty of articles, videos and information by doing a simple internet search.

Please take responsibility for your own knowledge and success. Us experienced Fiverr sellers are not going to hold your hand, or do your work for you.


I offer what they offer at a cheaper price, and if it’s not a cheaper price, it is certainly a higher value for the length and quality of the video.


Just offering “cheaper prices” and saying that your work is higher value, does not set you apart from your competition. Prove it. PROVE that your prices are more desirable, and PROVE that what you deliver is of a better quality than the hundreds of other sellers already selling the same kind of thing you are.

If you want to be successful here on Fiverr, you are going to have to COMPETE. The word “compete” is an action word – it implies challenging efforts to overcome something. What are you DOING to overcome your competition?


You are offering higher quality than other goanimate subscribers?

How so?


I don’t use go animate. Most of the Go Animate sellers on Fiverr are illegally selling with our resell rights.


So what do you use to animate?


I tend to keep that private. What do you think about the quality of my video on my gig page?


My gig page video has a higher quality, but I can’t prove myself if I get no orders from Buyer Requests the gig itself. I appreciate your advice, though.


It’s very similar to every goanimate video that hurt my eyes the past 3-4 years.

I am not trying to expose your “secrets” but the fact that I see it as a goanimate vid must say something in regards to where you stand in quality when compared to hundreds of sellers here.


It really isn’t if you saw it.


You have one gig. That gig has a demo video. I watched it. I stick by my response.


I am humbled by your videos. You are a great animator and sell very high quality animated videos. However your basic 2500 dollar package is more than 40 times the price of mine. Is it really 40 times the quality? I would agree that your video has a high quality but my videos target a different audience than your audience - an audience that is not willing to pay 2500 dollars for a very awesome explainer video - but maybe 100 dollars for a good quality animated video. Please know that I am not trying to be offensive in any way.


You are looking at this the wrong way.

We are not at a farmer’s market selling potatoes at different price points.

What I offer and what you offer are two completely different things.

I never said anything about quality and I would never compare what I do and what you do.

You asked why you are not getting orders.

Your video -whatever online service you are using- looks just like any other video out there.

So my question was and still is: why should you stand out as it currently stands?