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Gig help for getting impression


My all gigs have gone down no impression and click and views how to get back ?


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Ok, now that all the Jokers have had their fun, anyone want to help out the OP?
I would but my advice powers are on the Wayne at this time.


Add more new gigs - you’ve only got 2, so you can add another 13 if you’d like. Put them in different categories if you can, then you’ll see more, and different buyer requests.


Well, as I like to tell people (since it’s the answer most new sellers don’t want to hear), what are you doing to promote your gigs? If you aren’t gaining the visibility that you want here on Fiverr, what not market and promote your gigs on your own, thereby bringing in your own customers, traffic, visibility and sales.


pls, how can one traffic his/her gigs??


promote your gigs outside of Fiverr. Social media is a good place to start.


BatJon… LOVE IT! :rofl:


Thanks alot but which social media can you recommend??


I use Facebook and Twitter, but there are so many other Social media sites you can use