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Gig hidden from search


My gig has been hidden after just edit delivery time. I just reduce it 1days now it not showing any page even if i filter the search by level not showing. there is an option “Other Gigs By” there also not show that gig which i have edited. btw this gig was 1st page since last 6months and also it was best selling gig.


go to your gig pages and see if the gig is active or pending for approval? And if you can’t see gig in the search you will see it after couple days. Sometimes happened with my gigs when i edited something in my gigs


On gig pages it show on active. I edit gig before but never face this type problem.


Wait a few hours. I hope problem will be fixed.


Editing is very dangerous on your gigs.
Because it will be in manual review.

And small alignment will make your gigs removed


Btw, did you for any reason, any time, pause that specific gig?


not now. maybe 3week ago i pause that gig for 1hour.


According my findings, all gigs that were paused, are removed from search. Then when we activate them again, they should reappear on search right? Well thats where the bug seems to exist. It doesnt re-add the paused gig to the search. Thats why I’ve gigs that appear on search (the ones that I never paused) and others that I’ve pause in the past and it never appeared on search no more…


There are also certain categories of gigs which don’t make it into the search anymore. I created a new video gig, it never got listed in the search in over a month. I deleted it. Then I created a new video gig again along side a new writing gig. The writing gig was listed in 24-hours, the video gig still isn’t.

You are right about the pausing gigs/editing them making them vanish from the search. I paused a lot of gigs in December and recently unpaused a few. After 30-days they still weren’t listed so now it’s back to the never ever take a vacation days. Oh Joy!


I never started those days. Not worth the risk. Sometimes I wonder whether getting a job wold’ve been better. At least I’d have a day off every week.


Okay, so. Update. This is interesting. My gig that was suddenly hidden from search was also a video gig, It’s not the only gig I have that has been paused at times, and another one that was previously paused is fine. I contacted support about it last night and they got back to me saying that my gig was reviewed and temporarily hidden due to needing modification (?!). When I logged in there was a new error message saying my gig needed edited and apparently my promotional video was “declined” (maybe after the gig being unpaused). I’m not sure if it just needs reuploaded or if it was really declined. I’ve been using the same video for two and a half years and it clearly meets all the requirements (though I am going through it with a fine tooth comb now just in case).

If it’s not just me this happened too (I did notice a STEEP drop in gigs in my category) it’s worth noting that writing gigs probably don’t have a mandatory video requirement that would explain why it affected a video gig and not a writing gig.


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And talking with support do more harm then good. I had for 3 months my gigs and all was fine. I talked with support about some bugs and they paused some gigs because I had a level 2 badge and I’m now on Level 1. But I’m only at level 1 because of another bug… Loool that’s ridiculous… I’ll forget about support I guess and find my own solutions to bypass all this mess. :frowning:

Support should help and not pushing us down even more.


I don’t know, you might want to try contacting support again. I’m feeling optimistic that this latest report has fixed mine. Fingers crossed. @leinad4mind did your invisible gig have a video on it?

EDITED: Yep - my invisible gig is back to being in the second row of relevant, after being totally missing for the last two weeks. I think they had some kind of awful bug. Mine is now totally fixed.


Nope, I don’t have videos on any of my gigs.


Well there goes that theory. But maybe it’s just a gig submission bug and not a video one. The error about it being paused didn’t show up until I contacted support either way.


It will be reviewed by Fiverr Editorial Team. Just have patience until it is given a green signal from the Team. This can take as little as 24 hrs to 72 hrs for the team to review it and put it back to the search results. However, as per my experience gigs once reviewed and “okay” by the team, reappear in the search results within 12 hrs.

Good Luck !!


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