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Gig hits taking a hit

Wondering if it’s just the month of January that is slow (after a hugely busy December spent drawing mainly Christmas presents) or if my gig stats are down following an update to my gig specifications prompted by fiverr? This is my main gig, which averages around 7k impressions and is down to 2-3k. I usually get around two three messages a day… I haven’t had anything for the last week or so.
Side note, after reading through some of the other topics on this problem… Some guy messaged me about a project in a certain program that I didn’t know (long text wall in which the program was specified at the very bottom) and I advised him to reach out to artists asking directly if they know that program to save himself some time. He said I was rude and blocked me. Could that have caused the sudden decline in messages? Seems like fiverr’s algorithms pick up on absolutely anything, including morons…


@marta75 same problem here, i think fiverr follow paid marketing only


Paid marketing to get paid, after 20% of earnings are already taken. Thanks but no thanks :relieved:

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yes 20% we already pay but, i am all time seen level 2 they get paid marketing option and get good sales