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Gig idea (against TOS or not?)


I am thinking of starting a website where I have a bunch of writer resources. (Videos, books, etc) This would be a monthly membership website. I was thinking of charging 7.99/mo outside of Fiverr, and $5/mo exclusive to Fiverr.

Is this against Fiverr’s TOS? Any additional advice or thoughts?


Yes, that would be indeed against TOS. You cannot do business outside of fiverr. Also the issue with a website is people would be able to contact you which is also against TOS . I hope that helps.

So… if the payments had to run through Fiverr… would this gig be okay with Fiverr’s TOS?

There MIGHT not be a problem if you collected $5 each month through fiverr and it was on one of the allowed sites such as blogger but not sure how you could block people from seeing that who weren’t members since having a membership site probably wouldn’t work on blogger or the other sites fiverr allows you to direct people to. Sending people to your own site is definitely prohibited.

There are only certain sites you can direct people to that are allowed.