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Gig ideas please

Hi everyone! I want to create another gig on Fiverr but I need some ideas.

I want something that people would get from me since I have grown up in Australia and still live there. (If you know what I mean). List down some possible ideas and I will go through them to see which ones I am capable of doing or skilful at.

BTW I tired google and it wasn’t helpful :disappointed_relieved::sleepy::tired_face::sneezing_face:

Thank You :blush::blush:

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Photos of your beautiful country would be nice. Stock photos, post cards, etc. customized/personalized

Can you do photo editing? Edit people into photos of places in Australia in a funny way.

Write reports on things in your country, different stats, etc.

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Wow, so many amazing ideas! :blush:
I like the stock photos idea and reports on things in my country! Cannot wait to try them out :wink:
Thank you so much @totage

and I like the post card idea too :hugs::star_struck:

Glad you like the ideas. Australia seems like such a beautiful country.

I have another idea for you, write stories about your country, or set in your country, around events in your country, etc.

You are very creative :star_struck:
Another phenomenal idea :smile:

Yes, it really is! :wink: