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Gig Image can boost impression


My gig performance has been reducing ever since I created the first gig image. I was advised to tweak my gig and use better gig. Magic! My gig performance is now at All Time High.
I advise you to get some cool images for your gig. (550*370) custom dimension.

I hope this help?


Thanks a lot for sharing. Good luck!


Are you sure, fiverr have gig image dimension limitation?


Yes very sure. You can also type ‘Fiverr gig Dimension’ on Google for confirmation.


Yes. when you go above 600px, than you 'll see cut image in your gig.


But I don’t think that uploading an image with right dimensions will change your impressions.

@elitos1 can you please share with us a screenshot of your gig impressions analytics page? (With pointing out on the date when you changed your picture, so we could see how your impressions grew exactly from that point in time?)



Check the preceding lags of the two ATHs. Thanks for reading @mariashtelle1


Try that 4-5 times and check if the results are the same.
I’ve seen these one-off spikes even when I change 1-2 words in my gig description. Those words didn’t have impact to my stats. It was just that after an update algorithm decided to give me a boost.

I’ve even received a boost when I lost my level. It doesn’t mean it’s a way to go :slight_smile:


Hmmm, mysterious happenings.


Thankyou So Much for Sharing such Valuable Information


Thanks a lot for sharing. Good luck!