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Gig Image Does not Show - Order Delivered

Dear Fiverrs,

I have delivered many orders but I’m amazed to see that gig images are not showing like others.

Can you please help me to fix this issue?


Please make your question little bit descriptive for us to understand your concern. I could not make out what exactly you are trying to say. Lets see if others can help you with this.

Yes that happened to me too briefly and then was corrected.

You should take a screenshot of it and send it to customer support if it continues.


That’s because your buyer hasn’t allow to use his/her image in your gig. There is an option for buyers to hide there images when completing order. That is why I think your images aren’t visible in your gig

Hi. I think buyer has the option to hide/show the images in your portfolio. Some buyers(who own companies) do not want their images to be displayed on Fiverr before they publish it. I hope my answer will help you up to some extent.

You should contact support team it also happened with me, or you may check it with different computer may be you will be able to see your portfolio…

The same problem happened with me and i contact support he said he is able to see images on my gig…

and later checked and it was there, may cache problem

Contact customer support.