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Gig image edit issue

I am having some trouble with my Gig. I edited my gig image and remove the old gig image. But whenever i goes for share my Gig it showed my previous gig image. can anyone please tell me what is the problem ?

Try cleaning up your browser caches and cookies. See if this fix the issue.


No its not working, both my laptop and mobile having same problem

Hi, as my experience, It will be ok after a few hour. Do you use laptop and mobile for same fiverr account?

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Still Not ok, Yes i use laptop and mobile for same fiverr account

The simplest way to fix this is delete the images and upload them in the order you want them to appear.

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I think you can do a small change again, nay be fiverr’s engine did not give a look you change.

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yes i delete all the previous image .but still its not working

i think its doest take effect immediately You Have to wait. might be one week. I hope it`s will be Fixed to you.

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Ok Thanks for your response