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Gig image not uploading plzz help!

After uploading a pic when I click on save&continue the page goes to manage gigs where the gig is showed to be in pause state.If I try to activate it says your gig doesn’t have a pic,but i had uploaded one it was within specification limit.

I am using chrome.

Hello there,

Have you tried renaming your image file name? If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend clearing your browser cache/cookies first and updating your flash. Once you have, rename your file name and try again. If you are still having issues after trying this, try reaching out to Support at they will be happy to help. :slight_smile:

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Reply to @sheana_fcs: Thank you for this hint! I did have the same problem. I did already rename it, but i coudnt think about clearing the cache! Actually i did just go for a video instead of the image! Thank you for your hard work!