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Gig image seo is safe?

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How can i do my Fiverr Gig Image SEO? and is it safe for my Gig?
Please help the Expert people from this topic.

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In Fiverr, there are no way to do image SEO. You can simply make the image name to your targeting keyword like “your keyword.png” or “your keyword.jpg”. Thats all in fiverr to do image SEO. And its full safe.


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Why not! Your question is fundamental because image SEO can help you a lot for Fiverr success. If you optimize your images by following the Fiverr image policy, you can expect better results from here. Since I am an SEO expert, even I am selling through image SEO service Fiverr. So if you have optimized your image following the Fiber Policy, then, of course, it is a safe and acceptable process.