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Gig Image Size [ARCHIVED]


Hello all,

What is the size of the fiverr gig image?


I would love it increased. Right now, it seems too low.


I am having trouble with uploading my photos for my gig. I am not a frequent MAC user but have taken a high quality horizontal photo, sized it under 2MB and sized it to 1100x260 pixels. I click the browse button, select the JPEG image I want and nothing happens. Can you help me out? Would love to post my gig.


actually it’s 1100x260 MINIMUM on the “cover” photo


I have had issues with my gig images for the longest time.

When I try resizine image with programs like paint I stil don’t get the right result end of the day I can’t set up my gigs.

Can u recommend what step to take where and how do I get the right pics for my gigs do I have to creat the pics from scratch?


It is very easy to do resize your gig imama, even to design a very professional one to represent your Gig is a minor thing. You just ne to be a professional in graphic design work. You can contact me if you have problem with your Image or Graphics


Honestly, I would like to see the requirement to upload an image for each Gig go away. It’s time consuming, especially for Freelancers whose time is precious as it is.


Two common sense fixes for this site. 1 the horrible refund credit policy if a gig has to be cancelled. 2 gig image upload restrictions. I cant even set up a gig because every time I resize my logo it still isnt good enough. Great idea of a site and needs to fix this.


have tied uploading my gigs image but it not uploading have resized it please help me out


Okay did not know it couldn’t be stock Image. That explains a lot. Thx


Saw and whole detailed discussion above but yet seems it did not end up with a final conclusion… Strange but true !

Please talk on the specified issue and tell if anyone have the knowledge to cope-up with it.


682 * 459


The recommended 682 X 459 size crops parts of the image off…I wish someone could figure out the real size we need so that when you upload it shows the entire photo you uploaded.


Reply to @mikeflynn142: First, this is an older thread so it’s build on top of a first post that may not be valid anymore. Second, a gig image normally wouldn’t be a picture of yourself. A profile picture, sure, ,but not a gig image. As far as finding a gig image of the correct size, your best bet is to design something yourself that illustrates what your gig is about and is already set at the optimum size for what is currently accepted. Good gig images are usually fairly customized anyway. Forcing a stock photo or raw camera image usually wouldn’t be ideal.

Here is a link to the gig creation instructions as of 9/28/15:

Fiverr Customer Support


best online work


all siza dear


Strange. I still see so many sellers who use pictures from fotolia or other places incorperated in their gig images. Also why are many sellers (especially from India) using pictures of pretty western girls as their profile pictures? Bizarre.




How on earth are we suppose to even find a pic that we took of ourselves or whatever we are offering, in that crazy of size! 1100x200? I have scoured my photo library and nothing comes close to that! Very frustrating!


Reply to @kjblynx:

If you are only allowed 3 gig images per gig, why am I seeing so many gigs that are using upwards of 15 gig images on their page?

Thanks and have an awesome day :slight_smile: