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Gig image stretched with recommended resolution from Fiverr

Hello guys! I am basically using 1000 x 617 resolution for my gig image which is the same dimension as the recommended resolution (690 x 426). Yet my gig image is stretched and it’s pretty annoying since the gig it’s on is a graphic design gig. Anyone had the same problem?


See your gig in different medium as in Mob, desktop monitor.
May be it is the problem of your monitor.

I have 2 monitors, same on both. Just checked on my Android device now and the sides of the image are not there again


I’m on 8.533 inch x 5,333 inch in 300 ppi :wink:

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Does it work as intended? Not sure as your image has a white background so it’s a bit hard for me to track if it’s the same on the thumbnail.

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I have that problem too (even though I purposely worked with a lot of white space), and I noticed there are actually two different recommendations, don’t remember where exactly, possibly one in the Seller Help Center and one on the editing page, in any case they aren’t the same (like also the time that a buyer has to react to a resolution request is given with 48 hours in one place and with 4 days in another place, to add a related mini-rant - Fiverr should have someone do proofreading for consistency when something like gig image dimensions or time limits or such get changed).

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I tried to contact CS about it. They gave me some really ludicrous responses :smile:

Yes, looks good for me when I see my own gigs through Fiverr mobile app and from mobile browser (dekstop view). Yes, I use white background :face_with_monocle:

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