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Gig Image thumbnail Problems

I have an issue with the size of my gig image thumbnail. When I view my gig thumbnail in the search via a computer, the image sizing is fine. However, the thumbnail size of my gig on mobile search looks to be zoomed in about 100x. I checked some other gig thumbnails from other sellers and this is the same for everyone. It makes my thumbnail image on mobile search unreadable. Has it always been like that and I just noticed? I’m having a hard time finding a way to have a good sized image for both web and mobile search. Thanks!


I am facing it on PC. when I see my gig on “view as a buyer mood” from my profile. My gig image thumbnail looking excessively zoomed, and they are not looking actually the way I want. Is there any way to customize the gig image thumbnail on Fiverr? Or Should I need to maintain any special measurement when designing the gig image?
Any suggestion are cordially welcome.

Yeah, same here - it seems to be happening only in the last couple days as far as I can tell on my end. Maybe a new update messed something up?

@anthonyquick I don’t know the actual reason. But I am noticing it more than three months.

Hey There,
I use the size 1110 (width) x 740 (height) pixels, and it fits perfectly for me.

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@tvint Thank you for the valuable information.

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