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Gig image upload error


Hi, i just want to ask that i am facing upload error in my gig image as i have established my first gig successfully without any problem but in my second gig i am not able to upload as it’s giving upload error. I have tried many things(below):

  1. Try to Save your Image in 72dpi

  2. Try to Upload lower Than 200kb Images

  3. Disconnect your internet connection and re connect before the Upload

  4. Once you failed to upload , Rename the file and re Upload the image (this is the method i mostly use)

  5. Mostly USB Internet Dongle connection has this upload error problem try use wifi or ADSL line.

  6. There is a Trojon Horse Tip :wink: , Upload your file with size less than 10kb file at once , it helps to upload main.

  7. Contact Customer Support, May be the Problem is there Not yours :slight_smile:

  8. Special tips for Who use photoshop - Try to save image “save for web” option and then upload.

I have contact customer support and they said that upload less than 5mb and image size of 690*426 as i already know this. Anyone that can help with this as i am stuck from 2 days and not able to establish more than one gig.



Gig image should be 550x370 px.


Yup i know and i have images with size of 550*370px.
The above mentioned size is what fiverr customer support said. and then i tried their given size but both sizes are not working either.


your picture size 550 / 370 than you try it. Because this is fiverr requirements. .


I already have images size of 550*370px still it’s giving error.
The above mentioned size is what fiverr customer support said.


Then, What happened? Was the issue gone?