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Gig Image Vs Gig video? Help me Experienced sellers

Hi welcome to my question :slight_smile:
My question is that what will i choose between gig image vs gig video. I heard videos sell 200% more but here i heard from some sellers that banner is good for gig.
so i am confused please tell me what i have to do ?


It really depends on the category. Why don’t you try a video on one of your gigs to see how it goes? I noticed all of your gig images are almost identical, try different designs. Play around and see what works and what doesn’t.
You just started here on Fiverr it will take some time for you to get going. Some sellers wait weeks for their first sale ;).
Best of luck!

hi ,
i am an android developer at fiverr and little bit designer, i have done almost 40 orders on fiverr because one of my gig is in recommended then in high rating , business was going well, but as i updates my extras of gig, my gig vanished from high rating , this happened 2 times with me, first time fiverr support help me and 2nd time they didn’t, and after that my business goes down and after that i didn’t receive any message from new client. is there anything that you can help me ?

Unfortunately not. Your ranking in search is not guaranteed and Fiverr is shifting gigs around frequently. Make sure to have specific keywords in your gig title and gig description and don’t forget to add tags.

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Thanku for your kind reply.
Yes i will do what you tell me to do