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Gig image with Fiverr matermark


How do I get a sample of my work with the Fiverr watermark on it to use as one of my gig images?


If you have selected “live portfolio” in the gigs page (where multiple gigs are shown and you can select one) then if the buyer chooses to, and if you’ve delivered an image or something else that gets shown in the portfolio, it will be shown there once delivered (text documents don’t though). Though some buyers might not want to show it in the gallery eg. for privacy reasons, depending on the gig.

What you could do is create an example image/.pdf of a “before” text document (that you make up), eg. with spelling/grammar errors and which shows the corrected text document also in the example image. ie. not using any buyer’s actual delivery for it.


Thank you, uk1000. I’ll go back to my gig page and check it. I like the second suggestion; it was what I thought of first. It just that I like the look of the Fiverr watermark.

So, I don’t think I would be able to add the watermark to the example image/document.

Thanks again for responding.


You could overlay your own watermark on the example image, which would help prevent other people using it. If you had a live portfolio you could deliver .pdf files and if the buyer selects to display it that would show with the Fiverr watermark in your portfolio after delivery. Though buyers may not want to for privacy reasons.


Thank you, uk1000. Now I think I understand it. So, I could use my own logo as the watermark on an example image/document. Thanks a lot.