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Gig images are not previews

I recently update my gig images ,but now i am not able to see my portfolio .what is the problem . give me good suggestion what should i do Thanks

you should re update your portfolio,

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I update two time but not show again

Me too :frowning: , I think many sellers also faced this problem TODAY

For the love of God, this better be a bug. If you have a successful video, image, VO gig etc, you need to show your buyers why you are different.

That said, this isn’t affecting all users. It’s affecting me and a few other gigs I click on. However, a lot of gigs appear as normal. Possibly, Fiverr is just launching a new attempt to drive certain sellers out of the market.

@expertriya when you update anything in that time your GIG’s SEO level fall down very rapidly. So I think Your decission was not good. Now have to repent. Don’t do this again. It would be better you will create a new GIG.

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It’s a bug… :wink:

No, it wouldn’t.