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Gig impression and click decrease

Hello everyone.
My gig impression is decreasing day by day. I have already complete 8 orders within 3 months. I got all works in the first month. Please suggest to me how can increase my gig impression and click.


I never look at my impressions and clicks anymore. Did you do any updating on your gig?


some edit and updated in 3 gigs. But I never look any change

I don’t update or change anything on my gigs unless I have a big change to make, because of this very thing. As soon as you update they will check your gig and then it sometimes is no longer on the front pages.


thanks for your information

If you cannot find yourself on the searches go to help and support, send them a personal message about this. Don’t forget to give them the gig link.


GIG Marketing is essential… :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for your information :relaxed: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

Gig marketing increases impressions.

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  1. Check your gig tags, compare them against top performers in your industry;
  2. Do the same thing for your gig titles;
  3. See if you can improve your gig thumbnails - make them pop out more.
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