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Gig impression/ click/ view is decreasing


Hello There,
is there anybody who can help me with the gig impression/ click/ view. i am working of Fiverr about 6 months. but this is the first time i am facing this problem. my impression/ click/ view is almost zero. I am sharing them on social media regularly but there is nothing changing.

Someone, please help me to overcome this stage.

Thanks in advance


If you type “clicks and views decreasing” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may help you.


There is just problems. nobody solved any topic.


There are 92 results for this topic which I posted 7 minutes before your reply. Suggest you take time to click on each one and read it. Perhaps if you do that you will find something to help you.


can I ask you a question .
what’s the importance of having a high impression and clicks ?
is this help to sell the gig