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Gig impression & Click

I don’t know,Why my gig’s impression & click gonna down! i was active 24 hours.Senior’s suggest me.


Why would people buy from you just because you were online for 24 hours?

It’s a ridiculous myth.

You don’t need a senior. You just need to learn how sales works instead of trying to find magic tricks. Educate yourself.


Same problem here :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hi @humanissocial,
I’ve had some problems, I got a Level One badge on December 15th, gig down a long time ago and now, my Order Completion was 92% the day before yesterday, 90% yesterday and 89% is today. gig down automatically. What is the solution to this problem? I have completed 3 orders after going to level one and have not canceled any order, still this problem, do you have any suggestions for me.

Thank you


Dear sathi_cc, I think only support can answer this because there are some automated settings that decide this.

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optimize your gig titles and description to get impressions back.


I aprecite you for your valueable comments.but that day i was active 24 hours.i want suggestion for learning.because um newer here.i want to learn.

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i want to learn.

Read this topic: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

I think Myth #4 will be of interest to you. :+1:


All the answers are here on forum. :slight_smile:

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Almost everyone face the same problem

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I have the same Problem.


same here…

  1. Be active on the Fiverr forum for at least 12 hrs.
  2. Try to share your gig on social media every day.
    Best of luck.

I agree with you good advice thanks for your opinions

having some suggestion from you.thanks :heart:

That is spamming social media and will not help you get sales.