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Gig Impression Down And Orders Down


I joined Fiverr mid last year after stumbling on it by chance. I must say it was one of the best thing that happened to me in 2018. I was so impressed by the marketplace and the unlimited opportunities it present that i got families and friends to join.

I provide quality and top class video editing services and i quickly started getting orders and with no time at all i moved to level 1 seller but unfortunately for me, once i hit that marker it was downhill from there on. Some figures below

Views down:small_red_triangle_down:
Impression down:small_red_triangle_down:
Click down:small_red_triangle_down:

This is while my:

Response time 2 hours
Response rate 100%
Order completion 100%
On-time delivery 100%
Positive rating 5.0 with great reviews

My gig went from being 1st page, to 2nd page, to 3rd page and stayed there for months no matter what “improvement” i made to my gig and suddenly went from 3rd page to 13th page and now i’m lucky to get 1 order a month.

If anyone know the reason why this is happening or can advise on how to get my gig back to front page (and please don’t say share your gig on social media because i already do that twice a day) i will be so grateful and so will the rest of the people with similar difficulties.

Below is the link to my Gig


None of us can tell you how to rank your gig higher in the search results, because we don’t know the ranking formula. If you want better visibility in those search results, deliver top-quality work that earns positive reviews. There are no shortcuts to success or better visibility.

You are going to have to earn your success here on Fiverr.

Who are your customers, and where are they located? Figure this out, and then go to those places and convince those customers to hire you. Then deliver work that earns raving revies. That is how you build a successful business, and earn the trust of your customers.