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Gig Impression From 250,000 To 20,000


Please take a look at my gig graph and please give me some advice to improve it .

I need to understand how this works so I can have my peace of mind.


It’s so sad to see your baby like that :frowning:


1,1M what … My maximum is 30K and i have orders constantly, however im not avaible to complite them all so i pause gig every few days…


Reply to @skydesigner: That’s crazy right? but i could understand why there still be few order because I have no level. I will be level 1 in 2 days and I hope this would change the situation :slight_smile:


Reply to @skydesigner: I saw her gig on the front for some days :slight_smile: Lucky.


Its so sad, try to seo for your gig… best of luck


I must be having an off day. What’s the problem?